The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1364

Chapter 1364 

Maisie lifted her eyelids to look at Elaine.Marriage is something thats difficult to uríderstand. Everyone has their own difficulties. Women can understand mens difficulties, but not every man can understand womens difficulties. You arent married yet, so you can choose whatever life you want without caring about the views of others, right?” 

Elaine was stunned for a while. She lowered her head and chuckled. Yeah, youre right. Its a little bit too soon for me to trouble myself with something like this. Life is long. There are still many meaningful things to do besides getting married.Are yousure you want to leave Beyond Technology?Maisie asked

She nodded. Yes, I want to prove to my dad that Im not inferior to any man.” 

Maisie smiled and did not say anything

Elaine was an independent woman who knew what she wanted. She bore a bit of resemblance to Madam Nera. She chose what she wanted to have in her own life

Everyone had the right to choose what kind of lifestyle they wanted. Some chose love and family, while others chose career and freedom. No matter what kind of life one chose, as long as it wasnt something immoral and didnt cross over the line, it was praiseworthy 


Maisie sat at the back and rubbed her temples when they were on their way back. She had drunk too much beer and felt her head was swimming right now




Saydie could smell the alcohol and said,‘ 





Miss, should I send you home right away?” 

Maisie opened her eyes and said, Bring me to the Blackgold.” 

When they arrived at Blackgold, Maisie took the elevator and headed straight toward the administrative office. The receptionists were busy doing her own stuff when a figure that reeked of booze suddenly flitted past their vision. Both of them looked at Maisie , who was heading toward the administrative office with a surprised expressions on their faces. Isnt that... Is Mrs. Goldmann drunk?” 

Nolan was not in the office. Maisie sat on the couch, waiting for Nolan while she slowly fell into slumber..

t know how long she 



Maisie did not know how long she had been sleeping. She felt a little bit hot. It felt as if there was a furnace next to her. She nudged that thing with her head, and suddenly, she cracked her eyes open








Nolan was sitting beside her. Even though she had been sleeping on him for the whole afternoon, he had never once changed his position, for he was worried that he might wake her up

Even he himself had fallen asleep





Maisie looked at the face of the man beside her and chuckled. Just when she propped herself up to kiss his cheek, he turned his head around, and she kissed on his lips instead



Nolan wrapped his arms around her and said, Have you sobered up?” 

She replied embarrassingly, I guess so.” 

Nolan picked her up and placed her on his!ąp. He bit her neck and said, You drank too much beer in the morning and came to 

sleep in my office? What are you thinking


Maisie shuddered and held Nolans head.” Im not drunk. I just had a few glasses of beer. I came to your office because I wanted to see you.” 

He chuckled, and then in the next second, he suddenly said in a serious voice, You came here to sleep because you wanted to see me?” 

Maisie was stumped and pouted in a small voice. I was waiting for you until I fell asleep!” 

He coiled his finger with a strand of her hair and asked, Who were you drinking with?” 

Your coursemate,Maisie replied

Nolan lifted his eyelids to look at her and chuckled. Since when did you two become good friends?Did I ever say that were not good friends?she mumbled

Nolan lifted her chin and kissed her lips

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