The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1365

Chapter 136

Maisie was stunned. Youre kidding, right?” 

Nolan smiled at her and replied, I know you cant wait any longer but I still need to work. So, lets wait until we get home, alright?Maisie was so exasperated that she was tonguetied, and her face turned red in embarrassment

At the Lakeview Apartment..

Lucy had just finished making her dinner when she heard someone knock on the door. She did not know who it was, so she went to answer the door. She was stunned when she saw Elaine standing in front of the door with her luggage. What on earth is Elaine went into her apartment directly and said, I need to stay with you for the time being.” 

Lucy closed the door and looked at her.Are you serious? You have a big villa to stay in yet want to squeeze in with me in a small apartment?” 

I have fallen out with my dad, Elaine replied with her arms in front of her chestEven though were not bloodrelated, Im still your elder sister. Why cant I stay here with you?” 


Lucy did not say anything in return

Honestly, she was kind of surprised that Elaine would have fallen out with her father




When they were eating, Elaine told her that it was because of the things that happened in the company that she had a fallout with her father. She asked, Are you not going to go back anymore?Nope,Elaine replied, Ill move out from here after I get a new job.” 



Lucy did not say anything anymore


Next morning...

Lucy woke up, but Elaine was still sleeping. She left a key for her and went to work


Suddenly, her mother called her and asked if she had seen Elaine or not. Lucy replied,Shes here with me.” 

Lucy, you need to persuade Elaine to come home. She should try to understand her father. Hes doing everything for her own good” 

Mom, it isnt that I dont want to persuade her. Its just that nobody can force her to do anything she doesnt want to do. Eli knows 



nother sho 






After listening to what Lucy said, Jenna hung up the phone


Lucy lowered her head to look at her phone and let out a sigh. In the eyes of her parents, both Elaine and she were bratty and willful little girls, but they were already adults. They had their own thoughts, they could make their own judgments, and they had their own lives

When the thought surfaced in her mind, she seemed to be able to understand Elaine a little more

Elaine just wanted her father to understand and support her decision



At Morwichs Maple Lane..

Pearl was flipping through the photobook that recorded the growth of her kid. A surge of warmth filled her heart when she saw the smile on her kids face

Kamala pushed the door open and came inside. Pearl.” 

She lifted her head and closed the photobook. Whats wrong, Mom?” 

Kamala sat beside her and placed her hand on her back. Ever since Tanner came, Noah has been very fond of him. He has been in Morwich for some time, and I can see that he likes the kid very much. Were old and worried that no one will take care of you two after were gone. Besides, Noah is still so young.Mom, stop beating around the bush.” Pearl knew that her mother was implying something. It was just that she did not want to hurt her daughter anymore, so she did not say it explicitly

Kamala lowered her head, and her face turned serious. I don’t want to do this either. I don‘t want you to have any relationship with Tanner, but after seeing the interaction between Noah and Tanner, I changed my mind. Tanner can take good care of the kid, and Noah has gotten used to him as his father. If you two split up, Noah will lose his mother or father, which will be detrimental to his growth

Most children of singleparent families are rebellious, and only a few will be more mature

Noah is only two years old, and kids at his age already have the ability to recognize people. Hell remember how good Tanner is to him, and once the memories are formed, he won‘t be able to forget him easily in the future.” 

Chapter 1366 

Pearl lowered her head and didnt speak

Kamala put her hand on her shoulder.Pearl, I know youve been wronged, but the past is already in the past, and we need to move forward. You should think about your child.” 

Pearl nodded, then answered, I know.” 

Tanner only came back with their son in the afternoon. Noah happily ran toward Kamala with a toy in hand. Grandma, Daddys toy 

Kamala touched his hair and smiled. Do you like it?” 

Noah nodded and continued playing with the toy plane. Yes!” 

Kamala didnt want to interrupt her grandchilds happiness

Tanner walked toward her. Wheres Pearl, Maam?” 

She answered neutrally, In the room.” 

Tanner walked to her room and opened the door. He saw Pearl standing in front of the window, the pink curtains covering her body. She looked as if she was floating by the window, suddenly disappearing in front of his eyes

His heart ached immensely, and he suddenly ran forward to hug her

Pearl was shocked. What are you doing?” 

... I thought youTanner calmed down and noticed that he was hugging her tightly. Im sorry, I was just worried that you did what you did three years ago.

Pearl was surprised and could feel him shaking while she was in his arms. Her heart pounded, and a tear rolled down her cheek and burned her, but she was certain that wasnt her tear

She raised her hand and touched his face

Tanner was stunned but retracted his arms and avoided her gaze. Why are you standing by the window?

She didnt answer. Tanner, you... thought I was going to jump?” 

He didnt reply

Pearl pressed her lips together the wetness still lingered on her cheek: Tanner could cry

She turned around and walked to the window. I was just moving the nest here. It fell down and had been raining for the past few days. I was afraid that the mother bird wouldnt be able to find her nest when she returned.” 

Tanner paused and calmed down as he listened to her explanation. He walked to Pearl and leaned out. Wheres the nest?” 

Pearl pointed. Its stuck on the branch.” 

The tree wasnt too far from the window

Tanner rolled up his sleeves to climb out, but Pearl immediately grabbed him, Be careful.” 

Tanner looked back at her, but she looked away and didn‘t see him smiling. Alright, I will.” 

Tanner stepped on the branch and moved the nest, but the branch couldnt handle his weight and snapped

Tanner!Pearl shouted

Luckily, Tanner immediately jumped back onto the balcony and managed to protect the nest when he landed

Pearl ran to him and leaned down to check on him. Are you alright?” 

Tanner lay on the ground frowning but couldnt help but smile when he saw how worried she was. Im fine.” 

She paused. You” 

Pearl, what happened?” 

Kamala had heard the commotion and thought something had happened, so she came to check. She saw Tanner sitting up while her daughter was on the floor, helping him up

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