The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1366

Chapter 1367 

Tanner smiled. Im fine.

Kamala turned around and left without a word

When Pearl looked back at Tanner, she looked into his eyes and then looked down. Are you... really fine?” 

Tanner looked away. Im fine. Let me put the nest back.

After placing the nest back, Tanner turned to look at Pearl, who stood there unmoving. He slowly got closer and stopped in front of her. Pearl, theres no need to feel guilty. Im fine.” 

But when he saw her tears falling, he was surprised and didn‘t know what to do

He held her face and wiped away her tears

Pearl, why are you crying?” 

She didnt know why she was feeling so bad. Maybe she remembered their past, or maybe she just remembered the feeling, but her tears just kept falling

Tanner lowered his head and lightly kissed where the tears rolled past

Pearls lashes fluttered, but she didnt move away when he stopped at the side of her lips. Tanner stared at her for a long moment before slowly kissing her when she didnt push him away as if she had given him permission

Tanner kissed her deeply, and he lost it the moment she hugged him. They both leaned back. He didnt ignore her feelings like before but instead asked if it was okay

She looked at him as if she silently agreed

Tanner brushed his fingers across her cheeks, smiled, and kissed her forehead, nose, and lips

The sun was redder than usual and turned the maple leaves red. They shook and gave a warm sheen while casting a shadow on the curtains

Tanner hugged Pearl from behind, planted his face on her neck, and held her hand while they both looked out the window. Pearl, Im content with what I have now.**

He didnt want to be greedy and ask for more. :

This was already the best ending he could ask for 

Pearl looked around. Would you let Noah have your name?” 

Tanner paused and moved the hair away from her neck. Yes.He then added, Not just Noah, you too.” 

Pearl was silent

Tanner kissed the back of her hand. Even if you dont marry me, I wont marry anyone. Im happy to have a son, and Ill reserve the title of my wife for you.

She slowly closed her eyes

At Bassburghs Private Middle and High School..

Lisa returned to school after her legs were better. The moment she stepped into the classroom, she saw Leah and a few others standing in the corridor

Lisas heart pounded, and she looked away to avoid them

Youre alright now?Leah walked over with her arms crossed. I guess youve been doing well, gaining weight and all.

Lisa kept her head low and didnt say anything

Lead tapped her shoulder, Daisie knows about your influencer gig.

That statement made Lisa turn pale. She bit her lip and held her bag tightly

Leah was bored. Don‘t worry. I wont speak to you after this. I just wanted to tell you.She leaned in close to Lisas ear and whispered, A chicken will always be a chicken even if it spends time with a phoenix.” 

Leah walked away with the others, leaving Lisa frozen on the spot with tears in her eyes

Lisa seemed to be avoiding Daisie for the next few days. Whenever Daisie went to see her, she would never be in her classroom, and she couldn‘t get in touch with her. After asking a few friends, she discovered she was on the rooftop

Daisie got to the rooftop, and Lisa was there sitting on a bench.

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