The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1368

When Maisie brought her food to her room, she placed her cutleries on the desk and pulled up her blanket, Daisië, you wont have the energy to cry if you dont eat. You can continue crying after you eat.” 

Daisie moved to the edge of the bed, pouting. Mom, Lisa just wanted to be friends with me. Why did they have to berate her?” 

Maisie had heard about the whole situation from Colton, so she sat down next to her.” Daisie, everyone has their own advantages and flaws. No one in this world is loved by everyone. If there are people who like her, there will be some who dont.” 



Daisie looked at Maisie. Mom, I dont get it.” 

Maisie touched her hair and frowned, Your father, Wayion, and grandpa have really spoiled you, Daisie. Remember, theres no way you can buy friendship. A real friend woul

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