The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1369

Chapter 1369 

Daisie was too well protected and didn‘t understand how the world worked. She wanted to give Lisa the best gifts because she wanted her to be confident, but confidence couldnt be boosted with material goods

People werent bom greedy. If they got things they wanted without putting in any effort too often, that was when greed started growing 

Thus, Daisie was naive

What should I do then?Daisie suddenly realized that she had given Lisa a terrible burden

Maisie smiled and stood up. Change before its too late.” 

On the other side, in the suburbs... 

Lisa wandered around and only got home when it was late. The door opened when she was putting her keys on the door lock

She curiously pushed the door open and went in. Dad, Mom, Im home.” 

She took off her shoes and shouted, but there was no reply

She walked in and placed her bag on the couch. She suddenly heard a noise from the kitchen, so she walked over, but when she stood at the door, she saw her mother lying in a pool of blood

Lisa froze, and her face slowly turned pale.Mom” 

When the ambulance got there, the neighbors stood around and watched while the paramedics put her mother in the back while Mr. Fraiser rushed home

*Theyre so unlucky to have an *sshole of a son.” 

Exactly. Not only did their son not give them money, but he also tried to take her life.” 

Thats why I saw the kid run out after an argument. Thats such a horrible thing to happen.” 

Mr. Fraiser didnt let Lisa follow along because she had school tomorrow and got her to wait at home. Lisa stood there and listened to her neighbors discussion, her expression bleak while she watched the ambulance drive away

She then sat on the couch in their empty living room and stared at the family photo next to the television. Her brother was in it. However, her brother slowly started changing when she was in elementary school. He didnt care for her anymore and started losing his temper and did nothing all day

Why did she have to go through all this? Why did she have to suffer? Why

Cant you just work harder?” 

Dont bother me. I know you have a rich friend. These are all from her, right?” 

A chicken will always be a chicken even if it hangs out with a phoenix.” 

Who could you blame for your misfortune? Blame that little Ms. Goldmann. She would have other friends even if you died, but you would only be the friend that she left

Lisa‘s hands that were on her lap curled into fists. The hurtful words still rang in her ears and attacked her. She covered her ears, but they went on and on 

Lisa took a week off from school, but nobody knew why 

Daisie sat in the classroom doing her homework when she heard a few classmates discussing. Is it Lisa from the other class

Daisies hand paused, and she slowly looked up

The voice continued behind her. Yes, I heard that her mother passed away. Thats so sad

Daisie turned to look at them, making them realize that Daisie and Lisa were best friends, so they scattered and stopped talking

After school, Dalsie went to speak to a teacher from the other class and asked about Lisa

The teacher knew they were close, so she told her, Her mother passed away, and she has taken some time off from school.” 

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