The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370 

Daisie was surprised. She quietly thanked the teacher and left

In the suburbs..

Lisas father collected his wifes items and started balling when he saw their family photo

Lisa, who saw everything, held her fists, turned around, and walked to her room with no expression. She took out everything Daisie had given her, put them in her backpack, and walked out with it

There was a cyber cafe at the end of the street, and she knew that her brother Evan and his gang would hang out there. She also knew that Evan had a boss’ there who the boys called Tvanka

Ivanka was the owner of the cybercafe, but she looked like she had a lot of money. The red sports car that was always parked outside belonged to her



Lisa walked into the shop and to the cashier. The keeper had a sandwich while gaming and didnt notice her


Lisa hesitated before speaking. Is Ivanka here?” 

ShesThe man looked up and saw that she was just a girl who looked underage, so he put down his sandwich. You know our boss? Who are you?” 


Im Evan Eraisers sister. I need to speak to her.” 

There was no way that man didnt know Evan because he was there frequently and worked for Ivanka. When he heard that she was his sister, he stood up. Wait here.He walked away from the counter and toward a room blocked by a curtain. Soon after that, he came back. Come in. Shes in there.” 




Lisa followed him to the room in the back, which looked very different from the front. There was a long corridor, and it was dimly lit. There were a dozen doors on both sides, and they were numbered and closed. The noises that came from inside scared Lisa

The man brought her into a room that had no number and looked like an office

A woman in her 30s sat behind the desk with a lit cigarette between her fingers

She was voluptuous with big curls and heavy makeup. The two men standing next to her looked scary, and Lisa didnt dare look at them

The man walked to Ivanka and said something to her. She then crushed her cigarette in the ashtray and poured some tea on it to put it out. Evans sister?” 

Lida stood there, a little nervous

Ivanka looked at her. Why do you want to see me, girl?” 

She carefully walked toward the desk. Can ... Can I speak to you alone?” 

Ivanka squinted and waved to ask the men to leave

That evening, Evan and his friends went to the shop, but before they could walk in, a few men rushed toward them and beat them to a pulp

Lisa, hiding in a corner watching, couldnt help but smile

Lisa didn’t tell her father that Evan had been beaten up so badly he was admitted to the hospital until the hospital called him. When she saw that he was leaving, Lisa, who was in her room, rushed out.Dad, are you going to see Evan?” 

Mr. Eraiser looked up. Lili, your brother... is my child too.” 

But he killed Mom for money. He and his gang of friends did it. Its their fault!Lisa yelled

Her father was surprised. Lili, what are you talking about? Your brother doesnt know what happened to your mother

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