The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1372

Chapter 1372 

Tanner smiled at him and said, They will

Soon, they arrived at the Hannigan manor. Tanner had informed them about their arrival, so Nathaniel and Mrs. Hannigan had been waiting for them in the living room. When they saw a woman and a kid walking into the living room with Tanner, both of them found it hard to believe it

Holding Noahs hand, Tanner led Pearl up to them. Dad, Ive brought your grandson and Pearl back to you.” 

Noah subconsciously hid behind Tanners leg and poked half of his head out to look at the two people in front of him

Mrs. Hannigan‘s heart melted upon seeing how adorable Noah was. Kid, come over here and let me take a look.” 

Pearl squatted down and said something to Noah before he walked toward Mrs

Hannigan hesitantly

Mrs. Hannigan ran her hand over his head and said with a smile, What a good kid.” 

She then lifted her head to look at Pearl and said, Pearl, it must have been hard on you.” 

Pearl was momentárily stunned before shaking her head

Standing up with the help of a cane, Nathaniel said, Since youre back. I’ll go inform the servants to get the dinner ready.” 

Honey, you sit down.Mrs. Hannigan stood up and pushed her husband back to his seat. I’ll do it. You stay here and play with our 


But...Honestly, it was exactly because Nathaniel did not know how to interact with kids that he wanted to go away. It was just that he did not expect his wife to see through his intention and push him back down

Noah looked at Nathaniel. His eyes were bright and clear, as if there were stars in them

Nathanielliked the kid very much. Just when he was thinking about how to talk to the kid, he saw the fruit on the table

He took an apple and handed it to Noah. 

Noah hesitated for a while before walking over and taking the apple. Before returning to Pearl, he said, Thank you, Grandpa.” 

After that, he ran toward Pearl and threw himself into her arms

Nathaniel was delighted when Noah called him ‘Grandpa‘. 

After having dinner, Pearl took Noah for a walk in the courtyard while Tanner looked at them from the balcony on the second floor 

Mrs. Hannigan walked to him and said, Tan.” 

She looked downstairs and continued. Has Pearl said yes to marry you?” 

Something flickered in Tanners eyes as he parted his lips open. Not yet: She hasn‘t said yes yet.” 

Mrs. Hannigan sighed. Your father is old, and his health is deteriorating day by day. The future of the Hannigans is on your shoulders, and Im sure your father is very happy that you have a son. Since shes willing to bring the kid back with you, you‘ll have to treat her well

I know,Tanner replied as he gazed at Pearl. Ill treat her well.” 

At Soul 

In the reception room, Edward came to request Maisie to step in and persuade his daughter to go home

Maisie knew what had happened that day, so she lifted her head when she heard his request and asked, Mr. Xavier, can I ask you 


Edward was stumped for a moment, and he nodded. Yeah, sure

Ms. Xavier is your daughter, and Im sure you know her capability Inore than anyone else. Generally speaking, shes one of the people who has contributed plenty to Beyond Technology. Also, shes your daughter, so why dont you want to pass the company to her?” 

Edward felt awkward when he heard Maisies question. Mrs. Goldmann, yes, its true that Elaine is my daughter, but I dont want her to become too independent

Running a company is something a man should do. A woman like her doesnt have to work so hard. Im just doing it for her own good.” 

Yes I know youre doing it for her own good, but you dont understand what kind of lifestyle your daughter wants.” While Edward was stunned Maisie continued calmly. Ms. Xavier has her own life goal and dream. She just doesnt want to choose an ordinary life like most people do

Besides, youve underestimated your daughter. After all, an excellent woman is not inferior to a man.” 

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