The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373 

Edward kept his head low and fell silent

When he came out of the reception room, he ran into Lucy and was stunned. What are you doing here?” 

Lucy did not expect to run into her stepfather here at all

At the same time, Maisie emerged from the reception room. When she saw Edward talking to Lucy, she felt strange, Mr.

Xavier, do you know Lucy?” 

Before Edward could reply, Lucy said,Uncle Edward, I... I‘m working at Soul right now.” 

Edward nodded. I see. So, youve been working at Soul the whole time?Yeah..Lucy replied.

Maisie walked up to Edward and looked at Lúcy, Are you Lucys relative, Mr. Xavier?” 

Now that Maisie thought of it, Lucys surname was Xavier as well

Edward did not reply instantly. After a short while, he smiled and said, Shes my wife‘s daughter.” 


A hint of surprise flitted across Lucy‘s eyes. This was the first time he introduced her in front of other people. Everyone knew that he had married a second time, and wasnt the daughter of his second wife also considered his daughter


After Edward left, Lucy followed Maisie back into the office

Maisie sat on the couch and rested her chin on her hands as she looked at her. So, Mrs. Xavier is your mother?” 

Lucy nodded and replied with a pout, My mother married into the Xaviers, but my stepfather doesnt allow me to reveal my identity.” 

Truth be told, she was born into a normal family. Her mother was a teacher, and her father was a worker at a construction site. However, her father came across an accident on the construction site and passed away when she was still a kid


After that, her mother came across her stepfather, Edward Xavier

Edward did not mind marrying her mother despite her having a daughter because he liked her mothers gentleness and kindness. Although Lucy had taken on her stepfathers surname, she couldnt tell anyone she was his daughter. For her, the Xavier mansion was not her house. Lucy did not like being at other peoples mercy, so she moved out to live independently after graduation

Maisie got up and walked to her. She placed her hand on her shoulder and asked, How about your relationship with Elaine?”  

Lucy pressed her lips thin and replied, Eli ... She doesn’t like us. She is sharptongued, but shes actually tenderhearted. She hasn t been home lately and is staying at my place. She hasn‘t found a new job yet.” 

After that, she paused for a few seconds before continuing. She refuses to listen to me as well. Honestly, Eli just wants recognition from her father.”  

Maisie chuckled and said, Im not asking you to persuade her. When a stubborn person is determined to do something, nothing can stop them.” 

Ms. Vanderbilt, I want to help Eli.” 

How do you want to help her?Maisie lifted her eyebrows

Lucy thought for a while before saying, With her ability, she will shine in any company. If she can work in one of the three major IT companies under Blackgold, wont she impress my stepfather?” 

Maisie rested her chin on her hand and looked at Lucy. So, you want to introduce her to one of the IT companies under Blackgold 

Lucy nodded truthfully. She lowered her eyelids and continued. If she goes to another company, theres a possibility that my stepfather will request them to reject her. However, things will be difierent if she works under Blackgold. Beyond Technology is working with Blackgold, so if a company under Blackgold accepte Eli, my stepfather wont be able to do anything to her

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