The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1374

Chapter 1374 

Maisie couldn‘t help herself and chuckled.Youve even considered your stepfathersactions. It seems like you really want to help her.Honestly, Maisie was kind of envious that Lucy was willing to help Elaine even though they were not related by blood, and she couldnt help but think of Willow

Willow wasnt born a bad person. They were related by blood, and Maisie still remembered the day Willow came to her house with Leila for the first time

Willow was slightly taller than Maisie, and she combed her hair into two braids. She looked shy and bashful

Stephen pushed her forward and introduced her to Maisie, Zee, Willow will be your older sister from now onward.” 

Maisie looked at Willow with a slight hostility. After all, her mother had only passed away for less than a year, and her father had found her a stepmother. Whats more, this stepmother had brought back an older sisterfor her too. She did not like them at all, so she turned around and ran upstairs

Since then, Willow did not dare to talk to her, and she behaved carefully in their house. However, Maisie knew that Willow wanted to play with her. Kids were not as complicated as adults, and after getting to know Willow, she slowly warmed up to her and would bring her out to play from time to time

One thing that impressed Maisie the most was that they returned late one day, and Leila did not have the guts to punish Maisie. Thus, she beat up Willow

It was also that day that Willow started to avoid her

As time went by, Willow seemed to have changed into another person. She had learned how to please her father and became vain

Maisie did not understand it in the past, but now she finally knew that parenting was important. 

Ms. Vanderbilt?” 

Lucy‘s voice snapped Maisie back to reality. Yeah?” 

Lucy scratched her cheek and said, If you think its okay, TH tell Eli when I go home and ask her to prepare her resume.’ 

Maisie smiled and flipped through her document. Lets see which company under Blackgold she wants to join.” 

In the afternoon, at the Lakeview Apartment..

Elaine stood on the balcony and talked to Lucy on the phone. When Lucy told her something, she was stunned. What? You’ll introduce me to one of the companies under Blackgold?” 

Yes!Lucy replied, With your ability, Im sure youll shine if you join one of the companies under Blackgold.” 

Elaine massaged her nose and said helplessly, Why are you poking your nose in this? It has nothing to do with you where Im going to work, right?” 

I don’t care if you want to go or not. Im not going to talk to you anymore. I need to return to my workstation.” 

Lucy hung up the call before Elaine could say anything

Elaine looked at her phone and did not know if she should get angry at Lucy or not

How dare she hang up on me.” 

However, there was no angry expression on her face. Just when she was about to turn around and go into the room, she heard someone opening boxes from next door

The apartment next door had not been occupied, and it seemed like someone had moved in

At the Private Middle and High School..

The bodyguards were waiting for Colton and Daisie at the school entrance

Daisie wanted to bring Lisa along, but she couldnt find Lisa in her classroom

After getting into the car, Daisie began to talk nonstop, like a chirping little bird

Colton leaned against the window with one hand on the corner of his forehead while giving her some responses from time to 


Suddenly, his gaze caught the shell bracelet on Daisles wrist, and he asked,You know how to make a bracelet now?” 

Of course! Our mom is a jewelry designer, so of course, Id inherit some of her talents as well!Daisie was in a good mood, so she stopped arguing with Colton

Colton clicked his tongue as he looked at the things outside through the window. Do you really trust Lisa completelygus 

Why shouldnt 1?” 

Daisie did not know why Colton suddenly brought things like this up. She looked at Colton, but he said, Nothing.” 

He felt it was useless to tell her anything. There was a possibility that it would backfire and that she would cry

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