The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1375

Chapter 1375 

No one knew his sister more than he did, so after a short while of contemplation, he decided not to tell her anything

Meanwhile, Evan was discharged from the hospital, and Mr. Eraiser went to pick him up

After returning home, Mr. Eraiser told him to stop causing trouble outside. Evan replied halfheartedly. He had been beaten up for no reason, so it went without saying that he wouldnt stomach an insult like that

When Lisa returned from school, her expression changed upon seeing her brother playing games on the couch. She did not greet 

She slammed the door shut, and Mr. Fraiser, preparing food in the kitchen, turned his head around. He knew her mothers death had left a big impact on her

However, he had asked the police about the incident, and it had nothing to do with Evan at all. Evan owed a group of people some money, and they had a fight with Mrs. Fraiser when they came to their house to look for him. An accident had happened, and they ran away in fear. Mrs. Fraiser had lost too much blood, and she was beyond saving by the time she was rushed to the hospital

He was devastated by the death of his wife as well, and he blamed himself for not educating his son properly


His wife had died, but life continued

He just hoped that his son would realize 



milvio IULIA 

to turn a newe 

his mistake after this incident and return to his family to turn a new leaf



The next day, Daisie and Lisa went to the library to borrow some books. Their school library was massive. It had an area of two or three basketball courts and was divided into different areas


The junior high school department was located in a different area from the senior high school department



When Lisa was looking for a book in front of a shelf, Daisie did not see the shell bracelet on her wrist and asked, Lisa, wheres your bracelet? You didnt wear it?” 

Lisa was stumped for a moment. A hint of expression crossed her face, and then she offered Daisie a smile. Im scared Ill lose it , so I keep it at home.” 

Daisie believed her and said, Its fine if you lose it. I can make a new one for you.” “I dont want to trouble you,she replied with a smile

Were friends, and you can trouble me whenever you want.Daisie stood at the tip of her toe as she tried to take the book on the shelf

She couldnt reach the book no matter how hard she tried, and in the next second, someone took the book

She was stunned and turned her head around to see Zephir standing behind her. Its you?” 

Zephir handed the book to her and said,Here.” 

Thank you, Zeph.She took the book.What are you doing in this library?Zephir replied with a smile on his face, I came here with my friends, and I saw you two were here.” 

After three years, Zephir was already a student in the first year of high school, and he was three years older than her. The once bashful and energetic boy had become a goodlooking senior that every girl in school sought after

When one went around the school and asked about Zephir, they would find out that he was one of the most popular figures in the school and the current hunk in the senior high school department


His friends were members of the basketball club in the senior high school department. When they saw Zephir talking to Daisie, they approached them with smiles and said, Oh my, if it isn’t Daisie from the junior high school department.” 

You know me?Daisie asked

One of them put their arm on the shoulder of the person next to him and chuckled. Of course. Youre that little angel that Zeph is always talking about.” 

They were Zephir good friends, and they knew about Daisie through Zephir

However, she felt a little bit awkward when she learned that Zephir had been calling her little angel.She felt it was normal if they were in elementary school, but all of them had grown up now, and she felt the nickname was embarrassing

Zephir turned his head to warn his friends. Stop talking nonsense.” 

They both smiled and did not say anything. Suddenly, they thought of something and asked, Oh yeah, Daisie, do you want to come and see the basketball game in the senior high school department? Zeph is going to play as well.” 

Daisie frowned, Can we go watch?” 

Of course, you can. The high school basketball tournament is open to the whole school, and all of you in the junior high school department can come. You dont know about that?” 

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