The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1377

Chapter 1377 

Elaine was thinking about what she should do when a man in another car got out

He was wearing a business suit that looked simple and clean, brown slacks, and had a briefcase in hand. He looked amazing 

She had never seen a man look so good with such short hair, but it looked perfect on him

She rolled down her window. Sir.” 

Hector paused, Are you talking to me?” 

Elaine smiled and opened the door. Im sorry, I can‘t get my car in. Can you help me, please?” 

Hector looked at her car, which was blocked. He could tell she was too close and didnt notice the distance, which was why she was stuck 

He nodded. Ill give it a go.” 

Elaine moved over. Thanks so much.” 

He got into the car, adjusted the seat, slowly reversed the car, and adjusted the steering wheel. In less than 10 minutes, he managed to park the car

Dili Tha 

He took out the keys and handed them to her. Done.” 



Elaine took the keys and smiled. Thank you so much.” 

Hector smiled. Dont worry about it.” 

Elaine was surprised when he walked into the building, so she caught up. Do you live here too?” 

Yes, I just moved in recently.” 

Oh! They entered the elevator, and Elaine paused when she saw the floor he was going to

Hector looked at her. Which floor are you on?” 

She smiled. The same as you.” 

Hector didnt say anything after that

When they got to the 12th floor, they walked out together, and Elaine slowed her steps until she saw he was going to the unit next to hers


Hector took out his keys and unlocked his door when he heard Elains voice. What a coincidence, Youre my new neighbor!” 

Hector paused, turned to look at her, and chuckled. That really is a coincidence.By the way, thanks for helping me park the car. Let me c**k you dinner.” 

Hector hesitated. I dont think thats a good idea.” 

Elaine understood. They were strangers, and it wouldnt be too nice, so she explained, “I live with my sister.” 

Hector paused. Lets play by ear.” 

In the evening, Lucy bought some groceries home when she returned from work because Elaine had asked her to

When she got into their apartment, she saw Elaine tidying up the living room and frowned, Whats happening? You asked me to get groceries and tidied up the living room. Are we expecting guests?

Of course, why else would I ask you to get groceries?Elaine cleaned up the living room and sat on the couch, “Thats so tiring. Lets hire a cleaner.” 

Lucy placed the groceries on the table and tossed her bag onto the couch. Are you going to help me pay for that?” 

Elaine placed the bag neatly. Dont mess it up. We have a hot guy living next door whos about your age. He looks great, and Im guessing that hes single

He helped me park my car, and I invited him for dinner. We cant show him a messy place as a first impression, can we?” 

Lucy ignored her, took the groceries into the kitchen, and started unpacking

Elaine went close to her. Im helping you. You better act properly

Helping me?Lucy looked at her. She looked serious. To find a match.” 

Lucy was rendered speechless as she pushed her out: Go away. You should look 

for one yourself.Elaine leaned against the fridge. “Im a career woman. Dating isnt something on my mind at this age.” 

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