The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1379

Chapter 1379 

Lucy rolled her eyes. You dont do anything around here, but you sure talk the most.Then, she took the dishes to the kitchen

Elaine tutted, put on her headphones, and returned to her room

Night approached. Rain poured down across the city, blurring the neon lights of the streets

The lights in the room were warm and yellow. Pearl stood in front of the window. The raindrops pelted against the window like curtain layers

Tanner pushed open the door and walked toward her, hugging her from behind. Why

are you standing in front of the window?” 

She looked through the glass at the blurry figure of Tanner. I love rainy days.” 

He snuggled himself against the side of her neck and laughed huskily. Is that so?” 

Pearls eyelashes fluttered. Because rain can wash away all sorts of dirty things.” 

Tanner turned her around and cupped her cheek in his palm. Do you know about moss?“. 

Pearl looked at him, and Tanner smiled and chuckled as he said, Moss may be a lowlevel plant. Its not as dazzling as flowers and likes to inhabit dark, damp places, but it never loses the courage to grow. Even if the warm spring sun cant reach the dorsum, it still remains very much alive. Its still green. Although its as small as a grain of rice, it doesnt stop it from blooming passionately like a graceful and charming peony.” 

Pearl pursed her lips and stared at him

Tanner rubbed her face with his fingertips. Do you know when youre most dazzling?” 

She winced. When?” 

When you dont lose yourself.Tanner hugged her and rested his chin on the top of her head. No matter what others say about you.” 

Pearl sank into his arms. The warmth that enveloped her melted her cold heart

Mommy.Noah appeared in the bedroom doorway, holding a pillow, as he rubbed his eyes

Pearl gently pushed Tanner away and walked toward Noah. She squatted down and said, Noe, why are you awake?Noah hugged her. Theres thunder when it rains. I dont dare sleep alone.” 

Pearl turned to look at Tanner, who smiled

Noe can sleep with us tonight.” 

Tanner went forward and picked up Noah

Noah hugged his neck and asked childishly, “Does Daddy know how to tell stories?” 

Yes.Tanner kissed his forehead. Do you want to hear a story?” 

Noah nodded

Tanner then carried him to the bed and told him a bedtime fairy tale

As Pearl watched both father and son, a smile appeared on her lips

As the clock ticked deeper into the night, the rain gradually lessened

After Tanner finished telling the story, he closed the storybook and turned to look at Noah and Pearl beside him. Both mother and son were asleep

He set the storybook on the bedside table, tucked them in, and rolled to his side. Noah slept between them. He wrapped his arms around them both and smiled tightly.Good night.” 

The next day..

Lucy was just leaving the house when she bumped into Hector. She greeted him with a smile, Morning. Are you going out too?” 

Hector closed the door and turned to her.Yes, Im going to stop by my cousin‘s office

She slung her bag over her shoulder, Then were going the same way.” 

She stepped into the elevator with Hector and pressed the button for the first floor. She turned and glanced at Hector. Do you 







Hector answered, Ill probably work on some makeup design at an entertainment company.” 



* Lucy was surprised. Makeup design for celebrities, huh?||| 

He laughed a little. Something like that.” 


The two of them walked out of the elevator, and Lucy said excitedly beside him, That sounds amazing. Youll get to know many celebrities. Who knows, you might even become a stylist for Alist celebrities. The salary will definitely be handsome.” 

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