The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1382

Chapter 1382 

Quincy scratched his head and expressed his doubts. They claimed its to express their gratitude. They actually handed the development rights of the Bronze Bay Hotel to us. Mr. Goldmann do enlighten me, what is Tanner thinking? Could it be that hes so happy because Pearl and his son have returned to him?” 

Nolan put the coffee on the desk. He’s not doing so to thank me” 

Quincy was startled. Is he not?” 

He laughed. Hes thanking Zee.” 

After saying so, Nolan lifted his gaze. Zee was able to make Pearl let go of her past completely. And Pearl has agreed to marry Tanner by the end of the year.” 

Quincy was stunned. Shes agreed to get married to him, and he’s so happy that hes on the verge of losing his mind?” 

Nolan sat on the leather chair. Pearl didnt plan to marry him originally, but she agreed to it in the end. So, how can he not be happy?Quincy finally understood the whole concept

So, Tanner is thanking Mrs. Goldmann because she helped him to marry the love of his life? And because of that, he‘s handing such a huge project over to Blackgold? It turns out that Mrs. Goldmann is quite a pro. If she were to work under Blackgold as a sales representative, her performance would be off the charts‘ 

Maisie was standing outside the door at some point, so she could not help but knock on the door. Hey, I heard you guys talking about me behind my back before I entered the door.” 

Quincy turned his head and explained immediately, The discussion isnt something bad, Mrs. Goldmann. We were praising you.” 

Nolan sneered

Maisie walked to the couch and sat down.Quincy, go make some tea.” 

Quincy nodded fawningly. Yes, Im on it right now!” 

He then left the office

Nolan got up, walked toward her, stood in front of her, leaned over, and propped his arms against the back of the chair behind her. Its raining so heavily, and youve purposely come to see me.” 

Maisie chuckled and gently pulled his tie.Havent you heard that famous saying?” 

Nolan‘s lips approached her. And what saying is that?” 

She wrapped her arms around his neck. Humans tend to miss someone more when it rains.” 

His smile intensified as he turned over, picked her up, and placed her on his thighs. Did you just come back from Pearl’s?” 

She pouted. Yes, and they forced a free romance play onto me while I was there.” 

Nolan laughed. So, is that why you thought of me?” 

After all, Im also a woman who has a husband to start a romance play!” 

Maisie threw herself into his arms and was 

about to do something to him when Quincy pushed the door open and entered the room with tea. Mrs. Goldmann, Ive finished making tea.” 

That was how Quincy was forbidden from stepping into the office again today

A week passed in the blink of an eye..

Daisie came to watch the high schoolersbasketball game in the school, and the entire hali almost had a full house

Just as she was looking around for them, someone called her, Little angel, this way.” 

Her seat was in the front row, which was indeed the best seat one could get if a good view were of top priority

Seeing her approaching them, the senior sitting next to Zephir took the initiative to give up his seat. You can sit here.Daisie sal down and looked around. Why do I feel like everyone here is from higher grades?” 

She had not seen anyone from the same grade as her so far

Zephir turned to look at her and gave off a warm smile. Not many people from junior high came.” 

Daisie stared at him. Is that so?” 

The senior sitting next to her chuckled.Youre the only one who came.” 

Her expression dimmed instantly. You lied to me? How can you live with that?” 

After saying so, she turned around and glared at Zephir. And you, too, joined forces with them and lied to me.” 

Zephir rubbed her head. Dont worry, the high schoolersbasketball game is indeed 

open to the public, so its okay for us to bring you here.” 

The other senior sitting on the side agreed. Yes, some of our classmates even brought their family members along. You were invited here by Zephir, so there wont be an issue

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