The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1383

Chapter 1383 

After the twohour game, Daisie followed Zephir out of the basketball court

Daisie turned around and looked at him.Brother Zephir, do you want to play basketball too?” 

Zephir smiled. I‘m fine with not playing.” 

Wasnt your illness healed long ago? If you want to play, then just do it.Daisie placed her hands behind her as if she was giving Zephir a piece of advice

The two seniors, who played in the game, had changed out of their jerseys. They approached them and wrapped their arms around Zephirs shoulder. Your brother Zephir is a super scholar, all he does is focus on his studies. Playing basketball doesnt suit him at all.” 

Zephir pursed his lips and gave off a smile

Daisie crossed her arms and looked at the two of them. Why doesnt it suit him?” 

The two seniors exchanged glances and laughed out loud: :If your brother Zephir can do everything that you throw at him, how do you expect ordinary boys tike us to survive high school?” 

Hes handsome, filthy rich, and a top student at the same time. Hes already the top gun among all the onepercenters of this high school. What would we have to do if he were to become proficient in sports?Zephir looked at them. “Dont you guys have tuition classes to attend in the afternoon? Why are you still standing here?” “Tsk, alright, alright, we‘ll leave now.The two seniors then said goodbye to Daisie with a smile. Little angel, we’re leaving already. See you around.” 

Daisie also waved to them

Zephir sent Daisie to the school gate. It was a weekend today, so most students were on holiday, and only very few could be seen. Although there were a few students, most of them were only there for the tuition classes

The car that came to pick up Daisie was parked not far away, and Daisie turned around and asked, Brother Zephir, do you want me to send you back?” 

Zephir raised his hand and rubbed her head. Nah, my father will come to pick me up later. You should go back first.” 

Daisie nodded. Okay, then Ill go first.” 

She took a few steps forward, looked back at Zephir, and waved with a grin

Zephir could not help but laugh when he saw her figure trotting toward the car

Daisie just got in the car, only to find out that Colton was actually in the car, and she was stunned. Colton, youre here?” 

Colton retracted his gaze from the rearview mirror and took off his earphones. Im here because Im worried about you, you idiot.” Brother Zephir and I were watching the game. Whats there to worry about?She was puzzled. But after saying so, she realized something, startled, and askedColton, how did you know that I would be here to watch the game today?” 

Colton shook his head and stared at her. Guess who told me about it?” 

Daisie frowned. It was actually very easy to.get to the bottom of the question. After all, it could not have been leaked by Zephir or those two seniors as they did not have any contact with Colton

Thus, apart from herself, only Lisa knew about the game

However, she did not blame Lisa but spoke up for her. Shes probably worried about me too. Thats why she told you about this

Colton scoffed. He did not even bother to utter another word and put on his earphones again

Shell only learn her lesson when she gets to see Lisas true colors‘ 

Mr. Fraiser was cooking dinner at home when Evan rushed in and kicked open the door of Lisas room, Lisa, youre the one who 

did this, right!?” 

Mr. Fraiser quickly put down all the utensils in his hands, walked out of the kitchen, and saw Evan grabbing Lisas hair and dragging her out of the room. Evan Fraiser, what in the hill are you doing to your sister!?My sister?Evan pushed Lisa to the floor, stood in place with his arms akimbo, and scoffed angrily. He then pointed at her angrily. Whose younger sister would find someone to beat up her brother? I was beaten out of the blue and was hospitalized for a week. I didnt expect that my sister was actually the one who hired someone to do so.” 

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