The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1384

Chapter 1384 

Mr. Fraiser was momentarily stunned. He looked at Lisa, who was sitting on the floor, without saying a word. Lili, did you really do that?” 

Lisa‘s expression looked sullen, but she did not utter a single word

Evan did not have a target to vent his anger, so he could only kick the cabinet beside him. The items displayed in the cabinet swayed and fell to the floor, creating a series of loud noises

Look at the obedient daughter that youve brought up. I didnt expect that she would have the guts and ability to come up with such a scheme.Evan, just shut up. There you go. Youre starting to get all biased again.Evan scoffed, clicked his tongue, and said straightforwardly, in order to fulfill your precious daughters vanity, you have to spend more money to send her to a noble junior high, but I don‘t think shes learned anything. Ah, no, I think the only thing that shes picked up from the school is bribing others. Shes even outdone me in that department.” 

Mr. Eraisers expression dimmed, and he did not say anything

At that moment, Lisa got up abruptly and rushed out


As the sunset faded and darkness took over the sky, Lisa was walking on the street. The neon lights on the side of the road lit up gradually and began to embellish the dark environment. Even the shops were brightly lit

She took out her cell phone and logged into her social media account. More than a dozen fans realized that she had not updated her news feed for some time, and they had started urging her to update her feed

She merely took a glance at the messages and put the phone back in her pocket irritably.

A sedan stopped at the entrance of a hotel at that moment, and the woman who got out of the car had a twoandahalfyearold girl in her arms, while the man who came out of the car after the motheranddaughter was not wearing a mask. Thus, Lisa recognized him at first glance

Its Helios Boucher, the famous actor whos retired from the facade of the entertainment industry for three years.’ 

In the three years after Heliosretirement, he rarely appeared in front of the public. He had always kept a very low profile, even when he was traveling

Before he quit the industry, whenever he appeared, there would always be a huge crowd, and all of them were his fans. But after retiring from the industry, his itinerary had always been kept a secret and was no longer available to the public

Lisa did not expect to meet the actor Helios Boucher himself in public, so she took out her phone immediately to record a video. After saving the video, she came up with a caption and posted the video on her social media

Unfortunately, she did not know that this action of hers would create an enormous commotion in society

The next day... 

More than a dozen media outlets were in a mad rush to be the first to report the news that Helios brought his wife and daughter out for dinner. Generally, the more standard and wellknown agencies would censor the child‘s face for fear of causing trouble

But some less famous reporters chose not to censor the childs face to gain exposure and make a fortune out of this piece of news

The face of Helioschild had been exposed, so many reprimands appeared on the Internet over the night, most of which came from Heliosfans, who scolded the reporters for disclosing the childsappearance without any authorization

Lisa was sitting in the classroom jotting down notes, and the cell phone in her pocket kept vibrating. She glanced at the podium and saw that the teacher was still lecturing the class with her head down. Thus, she carefully took her cell phone out and discovered that she had received 999+ notifications on her social media accounts

She tapped on the screen, and all of them were friend requests, but all of them added her only to rebuke her. (Why dont you kill yourself?

[Princess Lizzie? What a username! Didn‘t you feel embarrassed and shameful when exposing a video of someone elses child

[Young influencers nowadays are just absurd. All theyve learned is to piggyback on someone elses popularity?] (Did your parents teach you that you should aim to grow up to be this kind person?] [Little girl, youve brought quite a huge trouble onto yourself. All you can do now is to wait for a letter of demandij 

Lisas hand trembled. She was so frightened that she knocked over the book on the desk, and loud noises shattered the silence in the originally quiet classroom

The classmates sitting in the front half of the class turned to look at her, and the teacher raised her head at this moment and frowned. Lisa, what are you doing?” 

Lisa stood up in a panic, and her face paled. Ma... Maam, ... 1. I want to go to the bathroom.Seeing that her face looked rather pallid, the teacher nodded. Murry up and go.” 

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