The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1386

Chapter 1386 

Daisie had everything, so she couldnt understand that when people got something they could never have gotten, they started to think that it would be easy for that to happen again

Maisie put her hand to her forehead because it was her concern. Ill take care of that.” 

Barbara sighed and looked down at her. * Its best that you dont do anything and let the teacher or father take over. Daisie loves this friend a lot, so it would be a bad idea for you to take action.” 

Maise looked at the desk, deep in thought

At the Private Middle and High School... 

Lisa dragged Daisie to the rooftop in a hurry while looking around

Daisie looked around and back at her, Lisa, are you hiding from someone?” 

Daisie hadnt watched the news, so she wasn‘t aware of what had happened, and the trend had been replaced, so she wouldn’t be able to see anything anymore


Lisa bit her lip and was hesitant for a long time. All the netizens were against her and had found her information, so she was terrified. She didnt want to be under attack because of this



She suddenly grabbed Daisies hand. ... I need your help.” 


Daisie looked glad to be able to help. Sure, tell me about it.” 


Lida told her everything, but because she was afraid that Daisie wouldnt help her, she skipped the part about secretly taking pictures. Instead, she said that Helios hadaccidentally walked into the frame while she was taking selfies. She had supposedly posted the video without realizing who they were

Daisie looked at her, a little surprised

Lisas eyes welled up with tears. Now, Mr. Vouchers fans are cursing me out, but I didn‘t mean to do it. I reallydidnt know that that was him.” 

After that, she started looking at Daisie with puppy eyes. So, could you help me talk to your mom?know that your mom is close with him, so Ill be fine if she clears the air with him.” 




( UT 



Daisie agreed without a second thought

After they happily left the rooftop, Colton, who was hiding in a corner, looked annoyed

In the evening... 

After school, the children returned to the Goldmann mansion and bumped into Maisie and Nolan,, who were coming down the stairs

Daisie happily pushed her bag into Coltons arms and ran toward Maisie. Mom!” 

When Maisie saw Daisie rushing over to hug her, she squinted. Whats going on?” 

Daisie was going to speak when Colton placed their bags on the couch and said,Nothing is going on with her. She just wanted to ask you to speak up for Lisa.” 

Daisie paused and looked at Colton in astonishment

Maisies smile faded a little. Daisie, I know youre close with Lisa, but she exposed Beas face without prior permission. Do you know how bad that is?” 

Daisie didnt expect her mother to be so serious about it, so she pouted, then lowered her head and said, She said that she didnt mean to do that.” 

Maisie and Nolan looked at each other before placing a hand on her shoulder,What did she tell you?” 

Daisie told Maisie everything, which made her expression darken. She might have believed that Lisa didnt mean to do it if she had not watched the video

But now, only Daisie believed in Lisa

Maisie handed the video to her. This doesnt look like it wasnt intentional, Daisie. I cant help you, and neither can you.” 

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