the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1400

Chapter 1400 

The man left after giving Hector a kind reminder

Hector froze in place as he was lost in thought

In the evening..

Hector drove back to the Lakeview Apartment. He sat in the car and took a glance at the text message that popped up on the 

screen of his cell phone. It was a message from his past acquairtances, and they urged him to find them the actress

He read it but did not reply to the text

He returned to his residence to take a shower. When he came out of the bathroom in his nightgown, he rummaged through the refrigerator to find himself a can of Coke, sat down on the couch, and turned on his laptop

Upon hearing the doorbell ring, he put the Coke down, got up, and walked to open the door.

Lucy was originally thinking about how she should start the conversation as she felt extremely guilty she had made Hector accompany her for one whole night because she had gotten drunk the previous night. She raised her head when the door was opened from the inside, and the first thing that caught her eyes was the body in front of her. She was immediately choked by the words she wanted to utter

Although Hector was in a nightgown, the nightgown was made of silk, a fabric that fit the body so closely and firmly as if the gown would fall off with just a slight jerk

Lucy shifted her gaze to the side awkwardly and scratched her cheeks. Uh, did... Did you just come out of a shower?” 

Hector nodded and asked, Is something wrong?” 

Well, I’m really sorry about last night. I just had to drag you out for a drink.Lucy felt extremely embarrassed. You didn‘t get to work late today, did you? I seem to have caused you trouble again.

Its nothing.Hector turned sideways with a smile. Do you want to come in?” 

Lucy gulped

Hes invited me to go in... Will it be rude if I refuse to do so?‘ 

Walking back to the couch. Hector asked her to take a seat at will and went back in to change his clothes

Lucy looked around the living room. It looked clean and spacious, and the blue and white interior design made it look very cozy

She sat on the couch. A few beauty and makeup magazines were lying around on the desk, and the screen saver on the laptops screen was an illustration of a robot

Sure enough, all men are interested in machinery

Hector changed into some more appropriate clothes and came out. Do you want something to drink?” 

Anything will do,she replied with a smile

Hector brought her a can of fruit tea

She opened the can and took a few sips. I didnt do anything embarrassing last night, did I?” 

He picked up the unfinished Coke and chuckled. Nah, but I realized that youre quite a drinker.” 

After getting praised for being quite a drinker, Lucy wanted to find a place where she could hide and gave off a wry smile. Stop making fun of me. My drinking capacity was forced onto me. I had to socialize very frequently to improve my sales performance before joining Soul. I even had to share the burden with my superiors when they were being forced to drink.” 

Because Lucy had had to socialize and drink very often, her body could not bear it. She had even gotten hospitalized several times due to the insane lifestyle, which was why she still got fired when the company laid off employees

However, its been quite some time since I last went out for a drink since I joined Soul. So, I think thats why...” 

I thought I wouldnt get drunk. What a mistake!’ 

Hector sneered. But you did surprise me last night.” 

The woman, who seemed very gentle and shy on the surface, acted like a warrior on a battlefield when she was drunk

Lucy had a bad premonition. I didnt do something humiliating, did I?” 

He could not help but laugh. No.” 

i Your expression has betrayed you.Lucy felt bad

‘I might not remember anything that happened last night, but that doesnt mean Hector would experience the same thing‘ 

Hector rubbed his chin and asked thoughtfully, What do munter and bint mean?” 

Lucy choked on her tea. DDid I say that last night?” 

He acquiesced

Lucy covered her forehead and whispered,I didn‘t scold you, did ?” 

Hector looked at her. To be precise, you were about to teach me how to use those two words.” 

Lucy almost died from the embarrassment

l actually taught him how to curse after I got drunk!?










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