the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1401

Chapter 1401 

What do you mean?” 

Seeing that Hector was going to get to the bottom of it, Lucy covered her face. Stop asking, I... Let me go home and calm down.” 

She immediately stood up but knocked her knee on the marble table, which made a loud noise, then vibrated. Hector put out his hand to hold her. “Be careful.” 

Lucy lost her balance and fell into his arms

She paused, then turned her face away because the face that was inches away made her stop breathing

It was an interesting moment, as if they were caught in a magnetic field

After snapping back to reality, Lucy immediately stood back up with her ears red, 1... Im sorry!” 

She couldnt care about the pain in her knee and wobbled away without looking back. When she got back next door, she closed the door and stood against the door, taking deep breaths, reminding herself to calm down

But her thumping heart was out of her control

Two days later..

Olivia went to see Hector

Hector was just done with styling the other celebrities and was cleaning up the desk in the makeup room

Olivia leaned against the door, reapplied her lipstick, and walked over to him. Mr. Vanderbilt.” 

She leaned against the desk, the silk collars covering her shoulders making her look seductive. Have you considered being my personal makeup artist?” 

Hector looked at her through the mirror and suddenly smiled. Were you as nice to the other makeup artists before this?” 

No.Olivia approached him, and her chest area was in full view. “I only do this to you.– 

Im honored.Hector zipped up his bag and turned to look at her with a discreet smile. Do you want to go for a drink tonight?” 

Olivia wasnt surprised by this sudden invitation because she knew that men would always fall for her, and this one, she didn‘t even need to spend too much time on. All she had to do was curl her fingers. Even though it was a little boring, it was fresh

Alright, tonight” 

She raised Hectors chin. Ill call you.” 

After she left, a man who was standing outside walked in and seemed to have heard everything. He sighed. Are you sure about this?” 

Hector smiled. I cant keep running away from problems.” 

The man was quiet. You seem to have a clear mind.” 

Running away really wasnt the way to solve problems. All the male celebrities wanted to escape, but they werent powerful enough and could only become Olivias playthings. Even if they chose to resign, they might be banned from the industry

Hector walked past the man with this bag in hand, then stopped. Why didnt you become an agent?” 

The man paused and looked awkward, but it seemed to be more like helplessness.Something happened to my artist, so I had to quit my position as an agent.” 

Hector turned to look at him. Given your experience, going to another company would be better than staying here.” 

You make this sound too simple.” 

The mans eyes went toward the view outside the window, looking solemn,Everyone wants to leave, but unless you have enough power to fight against them, even if you wanted to leave, they might just not let you go

Zestar would swallow us whole. The executives all have connections. They will only treat you well if you can bring benefits io this company 

Ive been here for eight years and have seen how the company went from its peak to moving downhill. I‘m sure you know Triden. He was the best agent of Zestar at one point, with very famous artists under his care. But after the deputy director came into power a few years ago and replaced all the executives with his relatives, all of Tridens artists were transferred away, and he lost all his power. He ended up becoming a paparazzo because he wanted to go against the higherups and was banned from everywhere.

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