the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1403

Chapter 1403 

The man paused. It means Im your father.” 

Hector sent the man home on the way back, and by the time he was back at his apartment, it was around 11:00 p.m

He was covered in the scent of that woman, which repulsed him and made him shower twice

He returned to his bedroom, turned off the lights, and lay down. The neon lights outside his window shone in through his thin curtains and reflected on his ceiling

Hector lay on his hand, stared at the ceiling, and chuckled upon recalling something

The next day... 

When Lucy got out her door and saw the doors of the elevator closing, she rushed over. Hold the doors!” 

She saw Hector when she squeezed through the doors and paused as she recalled what happened the other day. It was awkward to either ignore or speak to him

She squeezed a smile and stood next to him. What a coincidence.” 

He looked at her. It is.” 

Lucy snuck a peek at him. He was wearing a white shirt, which looked simple yet casual, giving him a fresh look

When she got close, the scent of cedarwood was on his clothes, a zesty lemon mixed with clean and sharp lavender, carrying a tinge of sweetness blended in well with the cedarwood. On top of that, there was a smooth scent ofmusk_that ended with a calm tone

Hector saw that her head was leaning really close and chuckled, Whats going on?” 

She paused and looked up into his eyes

Her nose almost touched his shoulder, and she was caught in the act. She took a deep breath and straightened her back. “Your detergent smells nice. What brand is it?” 

Hector smiled. Its not my detergent. Its my scented diffuser.He paused for a few seconds. If you like it, I can give you a bottle of it.” 

Lucys heart skipped a beat. If he gave her a bottle, they would have the same scent

The elevator doors opened, and Lucys smile froze when she saw that her mother was standing outside

She walked out of the elevator with Hector. Mom, why are you here?” 

Jenna looked at the man standing next to Lucy, Im here to see Eli. Is this your friend?

Hector nodded politely. Hello, maam.” 

Jenna looked at him and decided that he was a good man around Lucys age, Whats your name?” 

He paused a little before answering,Hector Vanderbilt.” 

Hector, Ive never heard Lucy mention you before. What does your family do,” 

Mom!Lucy subconsciously walked in front of Hector and cut her questioning short. “Eli is at home. Go upstairs. We need to get to work.She then pulled Hector by his arm and took him away

Jenna wanted to stop her, but Lucy had already left the building

When they got to the car park, Lucy realized she was still holding his arm, so she immediately let go and lowered her head. Im sorry that my mom asked questions. We were going to be late if we stayed.” 

Hector smiled, That reminds me, you dont look like your sister.” 

What he meant was that they didnt look like sisters

Lucy pressed her lips together. Were not bloodrelated. Shes my stepsister. My mom remarried into their family.” 

Hector was surprised but nodded, Oh.” 

Alright, were going to be late. You dont need to drive me today. Im driving.She took out her keys and waved to him while smiling. See you later” 

Hector nodded and only got into his car after watching her walk toward hers

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