the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1404

Chapter 1404 

Hector arrived at the office

Unsurprisingly, Olivias scandal had blown up, and everyone was talking about it. He placed his bag on the desk and listened in on the discussions with a light smile

A man walked toward him and patted his shoulder. Hecky.” 

He turned and nodded. Mr. Lewis.” 

Sean brought him to the corridor, which was quiet, and said, You need to be careful. I just got the news that the deputy director will protect Olivia, and she definitely told on you. Hes probably going to speak to you soon.” 

Hector was calm when he heard that. I know.Arent you worried?Sean was surprised. He had framed Olivia and caused such a scandal. The executives had to find a way to cover it up, so someone would have to be a scapegoat

Olivia would definitely say that Hector had framed her, so he would be facing a lawsuit once the higherups made up their minds

Hector patted his shoulder. Mr. Lewis, theres no need to worry. I have a plan, but I need you to work with me.” 


The people from the administration indeed came to find him. The deputy director wants to see you.” 

Sean looked at him nervously

Hectors hand that was resting on his shoulder became heavy as if to ask him to relax. Hector then pulled away and left with that 

group of people

Hector and two employees walked into the office. The deputy director was there with two men, one of them with a gold chain, whom he recognized. The man seated on the couch with a little belly looked like the boss of the man with the gold chain

Hector Vanderbilt, youve got some b***s! How could you do something that would cause a huge loss to Zestar? What are your intentions of joining this company?

The deputy director slammed the desk and glared at him furiously

Hector smiled. I have no intentions.” 

Dont lie!” The man threw a file next to his feet. Hector took a glance but didnt move.” 

The man on the couch breathed out some smoke, and his meaty cheeks were pushed aside as he smiled. Youre Hector Vanderbilt, eh? I know you.” 

Hector looked toward him

The man had a gold ring which he knocked on the armrest. You did some dirty things with my men in the past and were sent to prison. Now that youre a free man, you returned and backstabbed them. Thats interesting.” 

The deputy director frowned. You went to prison?” 

Hector smiled and replied, I was young and dumb.” 

The man with the gold chain looked at him with resentment. Hector, you betrayed me even when I trusted you.” 

He had called them and said he had found an actress, but it needed to be done with nightvision. That was when they rushed to the hotel, but the police arrived soon after. It was evidently a trap

Hector looked up and calmly said, “Should I be manipulated by you iike all those years ago? You make it sound like were friends, but youre just using me. Theres no betrayal here.” 

The man with the gold chain was enraged and was going to retort, but his boss raised his hand to stop him. Hector, I guess! need to settle this my way since youre still being stubborn.” 

He looked toward the deputy director. Til cover all of Zestars losses, but Ill have to bring this man away.” 

The deputy director smiled and said,Thank you, Mr. Brown.” 

Hectors face dropped, but he started laughing as if he knew a secret, Thats why those male celebrities have been banned from work, Its all because of this

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