the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1405

Chapter 1405 

The less famous celebrities were forced into doing things with Olivia, but how badly were they forced and humiliated for them to fall apart

It was perplexing why the deputy director let Olivia have her ways with the male artists

Sean had said it was because Olivia could bring benefits to the company, but a celebrity who just couldnt be famous enough and couldnt even be considered a Blister managing to get the resources of an Alisters was baffling

It wasnt until today, when Mr. Brown showed up, that he suddenly understood

It might be related to taking videos

The deputy directors face turned darkWhat do you know?” 

Youre in this together, or he wouldnt be here for me.Hector pointed at the man with the gold chain and ignored his expression. You needed a scapegoat, and it had to be someone new to the company and could get close to a lowlevel actress. If I followed your instructions and something happened, I would have to take the fall for it. Zestar would be able to pretend they didnt know anything and kick me aside.” 

He chuckled and looked at the deputy director. Olivia was interested in me, so you played along and let me approach her. If I did something with her, you would have a hold of me and could use that to manipulate me, am I right?” 

The man suddenly laughed and spoke with an eerie expression. You really are a smart man. I wonder if youre a spy sent by someone. No matter, even if you found out, I wouldnt let Zestar fall because of you. You should know nothing good would come out of fighting against us.” 

A few bodyguards walked in and surrounded Hector

Hector raised his arms. I wont fight back. Ill go with you.” 

Mr. Brown stood up. Thats the smart thing to do.” 

Hector walked out with the bodyguards without a word

When they walked out of the building, a group of reporters rushed toward them and blocked their path, asking if this was all related to Olivias scandal

Mr. Brown noticed that something was off, so he got the man in the gold chain to get rid of the reporters

But when the man walked over, Hector suddenly pointed at them, Its a deal between Zestar and them, Im the only person who knows anything, and they‘re trying to take me away and get rid of me.” 

That caused chaos to break out

Hector, thats b*llshit!The man with the gold chain turned pale while he grabbed him by the collar

Hector ignored him and looked at the cameras, The male artists that Zestar banned from work are the ones that arent famous and dont have resources. They had to become Olivias playthings because the higherups pressured them. They were secretly filmed, but the company executives wiped them all clean.Shut up!The man raised his hand to punch him, but Hector didn‘t flinch and took the hit

The reporters spoke up. Why are you hurting him!?” 

So, this man was right. There could never be a snitch in Zestar!” 

The man in the gold chain looked at Hector, who stood up and wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and smiled. As for evidence, I hope the police will thoroughly investigate this and bring closure to the artists.” 

This was when Sean walked out. I’m a witness, and Mr. Vanderbilt is telling the truth.” 

The employees came out after Sean. We are witnesses too. We cant take this anymore. Zestar has been bullying and threatening us to let what Olivia did slip, or our family and job would be at stake!” 

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