the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1406

Chapter 1406 

The interview via live carned. Everyone was able to join the live stream, and it caused a big commotion, William and his men mohed into the car and fled, leaving Hector bohind

Soon, the police arrived at the scene

#Zestar Media Corporationis scandal has been exposodil 

Zestar employees protest en massell 

#The truth behind the sholving of male artistall 

These three news stories landed on Google Trends. Due to the commotion it caused, the police even issued an update on the investigation of Zestor 

Oh gosh, i never expected Zestar to be s

No wonder there are so few celebrities in Zestar, not to mention that theyre all mentioned by the government. Im afraid that Zestar wont be able to turn the table around this time” 

Ney Howard has terminated his contract with Zestar! Seems like its real this time!” 

Homard published a post on his Facebook account stating the termination of his contract with Zestar. At the same time, he published a post that read: Im with you.” 

He did not mention it explicitly, but everyone knew what he was trying to say

Apparently, he was telling everyone about the dark truthbehind Zestar

Alter Howard terminated his contract with Zestar, several Alist celebrities followed suit

In the meantime, the Zestar higherups had been thrown into chaos

The director of Zestar hurled the document at the deputy directors face. I asked you to take care of the company, and this is how you do your job? Youve ruined Zestar! Are you here to cause trouble for me?” 

The deputy director explained nervously, t Im very sorry about that, cousin, but... this is all Hectors fault! Hes the one who 

The director of Zestar kicked the chair away in exasperation and walked up to the deputy director. He pointed at the tip of his ne and hissed, How many times have I told you to keep a low profile? If you hadnt given Olivia so much leeway, how would the 

staff of the company be so angry 

The deputy director gnached his teeth. He was furious but didnt dare to express his anger

The director grabbed his collar and continued. Find a way to get rid of Hector. Remember, dont leave any evidence behind!” 

Hector and Sean were eating in a restaurant nearby. Both of them clinked their glasses, and Sean lamentedHonestly, I didnt nee that at all, fou really are a miracle if it werent for you, I wouldnt have been able to convince the others to stand up for 

Ore person might not be able to do anything against the capitalists, but the result would be different if a group of people stepped 

Hectorrad summoned the reporters and exposed Zestar in front of them to let everyone in Bassburgh know that even though 

Zestar wanted to hold down the news, they were far too slow to keep up with the spread of the Internet

Hector choxxed and replied, Well, its out of my expectation as well.” 

Fre was just trying to get nd of the things he needed to get rid of

sean on

dat help numself and laughed.You have a lot of potential, kid. If every young man were as courageous, fearless, and 574, the world would you been a better place. These are the true qualities of a man, upright and honest, impartial and 

lector wered as head its the first time someone has cornplimented me like that.” 


ider and laughedThen I should be the first one Come on, cheers We should celebrate our success tonight.” 

15:00 15e 

ar árid were atxutto 

doporate ways. Sean bad drunk quite a bit of beer, so he placed his hand on Hector

shoulder and let out a burp. If I were ten years younger, I would definitely be your good brother.” 

Hector helped him to get to his feet and replied, You arent that old.” 

Sean waved his hand. At my age, I could be your dad. Of course, Im old.” 

He patted Hectors shoulder and continued. Remember, we need to be true to ourselves at all times. Only when were true to ourselves can we move forward fearlessly.Suddenly, a beam of bright light flitted across their vision and blinded them.

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