the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1407

Chapter 1407 

Hector felt someone had pushed him as he fell to the ground

It was Sean. He pushed him out of the way just as the car arrived in front of them

For a moment, the air was filled with the brakesscreech and the collisions sound. Hectors pupils constricted as Sean disappeared from his vision, leaving only a shoe on the ground

It was only when the screams of the people around them and after the car had escaped that Hector came to his senses and looked in a daze at the man who had fallen in a pool of blood

At the police station..

Maisie and Nolan rushed to the police 

station when they received the call. As soon as she stepped into the police station, she saw Hector sitting on the chair with his head held low in dejection

The police officer put down the cup of water and rose to his feet. Mr. Goldmann?‘ 


Nolan walked up to the police officer and asked him about the situation. The police officer walked aside with him and told him all about what had happened


Maisie looked at Hector and approached him. She stopped beside him and asked,Are you alright, Hector?” 

Hector clasped his palms together so tightly that veins were bulging on the back of his hands. His cheeks puffed up, and he seemed to be holding something back

Maisie placed her hand on his shoulder and said, Im sorry about what happened. I’m the one who they wanted to kill,Hector said through gritted teeth, his heart awash with guilt

But why was it him who died?

Why did he push him away

Maisie looked at him silently

She knew this was a hard time for him

After all, Sean had died right in front of his eyes

After Nolan learned everything from the police officer, he walked to Hector and asked, Do you want to avenge him?” 

Hector was stunned. He raised his head and looked at Nolan

Nolan patted Hectors shoulder and said meaningfully, Just do what you think is right. You dont need to worry about the rest

It was already very late by the time Hector returned to his home. He took a can of beer out of the fridge and walked to the balceny. Looking at the light in the distance, he fell into a pensive mood

ean was in 

He rarely interacted with Sean, but Sean was the first one who had stepped forward and helped him. He was just uncomfortable with what the Zestar higherups.were doing and didnt feel he had done anything wrong. Still, his action had indirectly dragged Sean into it

We need to be true to ourselves at all times. Only when were true to ourselves can we move forward fearlessly

Just do what you think is right. You dont need to worry about the rest.

Hector lifted his head and took a large gulp of beer


He was stunned and turned his head around to look at Lucy on the next balcony

Lucy took her earphones down and smiled. You cant sleep either?” 

Hector was stumped for a moment before he pressed his lips tightly and replied,Yeah.” 

I saw you on the news today.Lucy looked at him, her eyes glittering with a smile.Im kind of surprised. I never thought that something like that would happen in an entertainment cornpany. Maybe nobody would know the truth if it werent for you.” 

His pupils trembled, and he raised his head to drink the beer. After falling silent for a while, he said, But I couldnt prevent that from happening...” 

He couldnt prevent Seans death

Lucy was stunned as she looked at Hector. She did not know why, but she felt that he was feeling down right now. Theres a limit to what everyone can do. Youre doing your best to reveal the truth to everyone, but there‘s a lot in this world that isnt as good as we see on the surface

While injustice continues to exist, as long as someone has the courage to stand up and stop it, justice will be served one day


We cant change other people, so we can only change ourselves Since we can‘t change how things happen, we can change our attitude toward things.” 

Lucy looked into the distance and smiled.You see, there are still people who keep carrying forward despite the difficulties in life.Hectors gaze fell on the smile on her face. He had never seen her get beaten by life before. She never gave up no matter what curveballs life threw at her and always had a smile on her face

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