the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1408

Chapter 1408 

It seemed to him that Lucys smile could cure everything in life

Lucy,he called out to her

Yeah?Lucy turned her head around and answered with a smile on her face

Hector couldnt help himself but chuckle.You truly are a strange giri.” 

Lucy cocked her head and replied, Am I?” 

Hector let out a laugh

Lucy did not know what he was laughing at. After all, she was talking to him seriously. She turned her head around and shouted : excitedly when she saw a few shooting stars streaking across the sky,Look! Shooting stars!” 

Hector looked in the direction she pointed

Even though both of them were standing on their own balconies under the night sky, they felt closer to each other

Several days later, at Zestar..

Sean‘s seat was filled with bouquets of white flowers. Nearly all of the staff in the department wore black. There was no smile on their faces, and the atmosphere was dense

The higherups had been oppressing the Zestar staff for years, and Seans death was the final straw

Zestar was under investigation, but the deputy director and the higherups acted as if nothing had happened: The apology message they released was insincere, and they even tried to push all the blame on the staff, saying that they had started the strike because they were dissatisfied with the companys internal welfare. They also made light of Seans death and the celebrities who had their careers ruined for no reason. They did not give them a sincere apology at all. 

A staff member threw his employees card on the floor. I quit! Im leaving this sh* thole!” 

After a short while of silence, more and more people started to take their cards down. We quit too! This isn‘t a place for people to stay!” 

Just when they were about to leave, a group of bodyguards appeared at the door, and the deputy director walked in with a stern face. You guys want to go? Not so fast.Why cant we go?Thats right. You treated us like animals, and now youre not letting us go?” 

The deputy director harrumphed and looked at the crowd condescendingly. If you want to go, sure, you can go. The contract you signed when you joined the company is very clear. You can leave without reason, but you have to pay the company 15% of the liquidated damages.” 

A murmur soon spread through the staff in the department. Some had fearful expressions on their faces, while the others looked angry. One of the employees stepped forward and snarled, This is contract fraud! We didnt see that at all when we signed the contract!“..

Thats right! Thats right. You cant just simply add something new into the contract afterward as you wish.” 

We wont accept it!” 

The deputy director looked at them and said arrogantly, Do you think you can fight against us just because youve joined forces? Youve made such a big mess for the company with that new guy, and now you want to leave just like that? Whos going to pay for all the losses?” 

The remaining staff fell silent. They were angry but did not dare to say anything

The deputy director walked toward the employee and poked his shoulder. You guys are just a bunch of workers. Youre at the bottom of the food chain in the company. All you have to do is get your job done and mind your own business. Has the company ever missed your payment?” 

The employee clenched his fist tightly, and the veins on his forehead were bulging. Its Zestar that paid you, yet you turned your back on us. Who do you think you are? God?” 

The deputy director pushed him to the floor and stepped on his chest. After that, he gazed at the employees behind him and continued. In Zestar, were the rules. All you have to do is follow the rules. If any of you dare to defy us, youll be the next Sean.” 

Everyones faces paled after being threatened by the deputy director. They all fell silent, and none of them dared to speak

Seeing that nobody was talking back to him, the deputy director withdrew his leg and spat. A bunch of useless trash.” 

| After that he left the department with bis men

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