the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1410

Chapter 1410 

The higherups were stunned

Hector took off his jacket and threw it to the floor. He picked up a vase on the side and walked toward the deputy director

The deputy director was so shocked that his face turned pale. As he took a step back, he said, WWhat are you trying to do? There are so many people over here. Youre committing a crime if you dare to lay a single finger on me!” 

Hector lifted the vase, and the director shouted. Stop!” 

The vase fell on the floor and smashed into pieces

However, the vase just shattered on the wall behind ihe deputy director, who was holding his head in his hands. Fear drove him to scream like a madman, and the floor soon became wet

When Hector saw he had pissed himself, he snorted. Hah, so youre a coward too.” 

Quincy looked toward the director, whose face was dark, and said, You don‘t have any choice now.” 

He handed the transfer agreement to him and continued. Sign the agreement, and sell Zestar to Blackgold. As for your crimes, the court will deal with them. If you refuse to sign the contract, well bring you to the court and have the court forcefully remove Zestar and permanently ban the company from being listed.” 

The director threw an angry glance at the deputy director

He had no other choice but to do as Quincy said since things had developed to this point. If Zestar was banned from being listed, then as the companys owner, he wouldnt be able to open another company in the future

While there was life, there was hope

With that thought in mind, he picked up the pen and signed the contract

The contract was stamped as well

The director then left with the higherups. The deputy director, who had been scared out of his wits, was also taken away

The meeting room became empty, leaving nothing but wreckage behind

Quincy walked up to Hector and handed the agreement to him. From now onward, Zestar is yours.” 

Hector took a look at the agreement but did not take it. He lifted his head slowly and said, So, this is their punishment? Dont you think weve gone too easy on them?” 

Quincy chuckled. Kid, letting your emotions control you wont change anything. Mr. Goldmann has his own reasons for his actions 

You just need to know that courage and guts arent the only things you can rely on when youre solving a problem. You also need your head. Even if you want to get revenge, you cant go beyond the law. You think their punishment is light, but it isn‘t the same case in their eyes.” 

As Quincy was talking, he handed the agreement in his hand. He patted his shoulder and added meaningfully, For those whove benefited from these matters, what do you think theyll do if they lose the benefits?” 

Just like Quincy said, the director made the deputy director and the other people his scapegoats. The deputy director was his cousin, but in the end, he was merely a sacrificial lamb for his interests

The deputy director was not willing to become his scapegoat, so he confessed the cause of Seans death in the police station. He also betrayed the partnerrelated to these matters to reduce the charges

The police arrested the man wearing a gold chain and William. The police also found many unsightly videos and websites from their media companys internal network. There were hundreds of them, with a reprint rate and purchase rate of tens of millions, and some of them were sold overseas

As for Zestars director, he was arrested and deported back to his home country as soon as he got off the plane

In just a week, all of them were caught

As soon as Hector stepped into the company in the morning, he was startled by the sound of a cracker. The flowers fiuttered in the air and landed on his hair and clothes

A dozen employees emerged and stood in front of him. All of them were wearing smiles on their faces. The office had never been so lively before. Hector, youre our savior. From today onward, youll be our boss! Guys, lets give a warm welcome to our new boss!” 

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