the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1411

Chapter 1411 

They waved the party crackers in their hands, whistled, and shouted to welcome their savior

Hector was stunned for a moment and finally gave off a helpless smile. He lowered his head, and his eyes turned a little bloodshot. The person that everyone should thank is Mr. Lewis. fit werent for him, I mightve...” 

As soon as Seans name was mentioned, everyone became quiet for a moment

No one could forget what happened to Sean

A male employee walked out of the crowd and placed his arm on Hectors shoulder.Hector, we don’t blame you for Mr. Lewisencounter. Its not your fault but theirs instead.” 

Yes, its those b*stardsfault!” 

Hector chuckled and seemed to be able to blend in with the atmosphere and everyone else.

Lucy passed through the corridor of the department and suddenly heard several female staff members discussing Zestar. She did not pay much attention to it at first, but they mentioned Hector at that moment

Is this true? So, Mr. Goldmanns cousininlaw is Zestar‘s new owner?” 

Its absoluteiy true. I have a friend who works for Zestar. She told me that the current owner of Zestar is Hector, Ms

Vanderbilts cousin. So, doesn‘t that make him Mr. Goldmanns cousininlaw?” 

Mr. Goldmanns cousininlaw is way too bold. Rumors have it that he singlehandedly tore Zestars higherups apart. Didnt it appear in the news not long ago? If it werent for him, we would still be deceived by Zestar and know nothing about the cr*p thats happening within the company!” 

Lucy slowed down, smiled, and seemed to feel happy for Hector

As soon as she entered the office, she was startled by Jenna, who was already sitting on the couch, waiting for her.

Mom?Lucy put her bag on the desk and walked up to her. Why didnt you tell me in advance that youre coming over to see me

Jenna put down the cup of tea in her hand. Lucy, that friend of yours, whose name is Hector... Is he Mrs. Goldmanns cousin?Lucy turned around and sat down on the couch. She had already seen through her mothers thoughts. So what if he is? Mom, our relationship isnt what you think it is. We used to be colleagues, and hes currently my neighbor.” 

Jenna lowered her gaze. Lucy, you havent spoken to me properly since you left the Xaviers. I know you still blame me for my failure of not being able to provide you with a complete family.1

Lucy did not say anything

Jenna stroked her slightly bulging but not very obviouslooking belly. You once asked me whether I regretted my choice. I do règret it, but at the same time, I cant help it either. Im not a saint, just an ordinary woman

After your father passed away, all our household burdens fell onto my shoulders. I had to work alone and earn money to support you, and I‘ve always wanted to give you the best. But I couldnt do it alone. No one in this world can get what they want just by working hard. Lucy, I truly hope you can understand my hardship.” 

I didnt say that I dont understand you.Lucy goi up, walked to her desk, and turned her back on her. But I hope that you can understand me too.” 

Jenna stared at her. Don‘t I understand you well enough?” 

Lucy turned around. If you truly understood me well enough, you wouldnt always think about arranging everything for me.” 

Jenna was flustered. I just dont want you to face so many hardships!” 

You have your thoughts, but I have mine too.” Lucys emotions were getting a little out of control too. No matter who I get together with, youre always there, intending to cut in. You must think that you can rest assured as soon as I get to marry a great man, right? Okay, but have you ever thought about whether thats the life I desire?” 

Jenna was rendered speechless

Her original intention was good. She only wanted to help her daughter out, hoping she would not have to work as hard as herself, but she had been ignoring her daughters willingness all this whille.

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