the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1412

Chapter 141

The conversation could no longer go on, so Jenna bade Lucy goodbye and left

Jenna ran into Maisie in the corridor as Maisie came out of the elevator. Mrs


Maisie smiled at her and approached her.Mrs. Xavier, are you here for Lucy?” 

Yeah, I originally wanted to come and talk with her, but communication seems to be getting increasingly difficult as she gets older.Jenna gave off a wry smile as she could not help but feel extremely distressed deep down

The barrier between our relationship seems impossible to remove.Lucy is already an adult. And adults have their own thoughts and plans. Although parentsworries are necessary from time to time, children will have their own lives when they grow up. You‘re worrying too much, Mrs. Xavier.” 

Maisies advice caught Jenna off guard and stunned her for a split second, but she felt a little embarrassed after returning to her senses. Mrs. Goldmann, you have three children, don‘t you?


Yes, but dont be fooled by their age because Ive always listened to their ideas. No matter what the child wants to do, I‘ll always support it as long as its morally correct.” 



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Jenna was surprised. The children are still young, so what ideas would they have?” 

Maisie lowered her gaze and smiled.Everyone has ideas. Children may be children, but theyre also living human beings who have emotions

Every parents upbringing is different, all of which are out of consideration for their children. However, as parents, we can

always ask our children to be the ones who take care of our feelings. We should at least take care of their feelings too, shouldnt we

Parents are actually their childrens best listeners. So, if we as parents are unwilling to listen to our childrens thoughts, then isnt it natural for our children to become unwilling to communicate with us

Many parents place a lot of hope on their children, hoping that their children can achieve this and actualize that in their lives, but its very easy for them to forget about their childrens thoughts. Especially when theyre confused and bothered, we should let go of the superiority that we feel as parents and try to communicate with them with a peertopeer attitude so that our kids wont be under too much pressure. Its not unreasonable to say that a parent‘s words and actions will affect a childs life. Being strict can be considered a form of love, but being too harsh and selfish will only create pressure

Every parent was once a kid too. When we were young, didnt we hope that our parents would understand us too? So why can‘t we think from a different perspective now that were parents

Jenna did not utter another word. She bade Maisie goodbye and left

Pushing open the door of Lucys office, Maisie saw her sitting on the couch with her back facing the door

Lucy immediately wiped her tears when she heard the door opening and then turned her head. Ms. Vanderbilt!?‘ 

Maisie leaned against the door and laughed. Did you just argue with your mother and are hiding here and crying secretly?” 

Lucy was caught on the spot and felt utterly embarrassed

Maisie walked over to her, propped her arms against the back of the couch, and mocked her, If your eyes get swollen from all the crying, how can you attend the celebration with us tonight?

A celebration?Lucy was astounded and asked, What are you celebrating, and who are you celebrating it with?” 

Hector,Maisie smiled, Were celebrating his achievement of becoming Zestars new owner. Blackgold and Soul have sent representatives to attend the party. Youre one of the major backbones of our company, so youre definitely coming with me.” 

Lucy was a little overwhelmed. Then what do I need to prepare?” 

What else do you want to prepare?” 


Its just like attending an ordinary dinner party. I think theres no need for me to prepare anything... But its not appropriate to attend the party emptyhanded

Maisie saw through her thoughts in a second and smiled even more merrily. If you want to prepare a gift, then I wont stop you. As for the gift, a small but meaningful one would do the job just fine.Lucy nodded with a smile

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