the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1413

Chapter 1413 

After getting off work, Lucy went to the mall to pick out a gift, but she really did not know what she could buy. Thus, she took out her cell phone, typed a message, and sent it to Elaine

However, the suggestions she got were all expensive luxury items she could not afford

Ive definitely gone to the wrong person for advice.‘ 

Lucy looked around the mall, and her gaze landed on a souvenir store

She suddenly thought of Hectors mecha figure collection in his house

‘He should be interested in these, right?‘ 

Lucy went into the store to look for a gift, and the salesperson came up to her and introduced a few models to her enthusiastically. She told him it was a gift, and the salesperson instantly understood her needs. Are you buying a gift for your boyfriend?” 

Lucy choked on her reply and became incoherent out of anxiety. Of course not. He‘s just an ordinary friend.” 

As if he did not hear her explanation, the salesperson brought her to the shelf on the other side of the shop. Anyway, hes just a man. And as long as hes a man, no matter how old he is, hell have the playful mind of a fullgrown boy. These figurines are the best sellers in our store.” 

Lucy looked at the various figurines displayed on the racksthere were anime characters and mechas

She took a glance at the price tags and was surprised. Are all these toys so expensive?The salesperson gave off a helpless smile.Toys and figurines are different. If you were to go out there and ask around, youd realize that its absolutely normal for figurines to be sold for hundreds of dollars or even a few thousand dollars

Figurines are expensive not only because some of them are limited but its also because figurines are very fragile and require a certain amount of maintenance cost. Most of the raw materials used to create figurines are very sensitive to ultraviolet rays and will undergo irreversible changes under irradiation, such as degradation and decolorization. The figures shouldn‘t be heated 

either. Otherwise, theyll age very easily and reduce their lifespan.” 

Lucy took out her cell phone, checked her account balance, gnashed her teeth, turned her head around, and asked, Then do you have a limited edition version here?” 

Lucy cruelly burned a hole in her purse and bought a limitededition robot figurine that cost $2,500

She buried her face in the steering wheel when she returned to the car with the figurine

Impulsive purchase is truly the devil!‘ 

However, Lucy was relieved upon thinking that he should like this gift

When the night arrived, clusters of neon lightbulbs lit up and appeared under the night sky. The Grand Hotel of Bassburgh, located in Bass Wave Port, looked like a shining pearl that was standing near the overpass

There was a long table covered with a blue and white cloth in the splendid banquet hall, and all kinds of wine and delicacies were placed on the table. The waiters weaved through the brightly dressed crowd, pouring wine for the guests

Maisie and Nolan stood in the crowd. Most of the businessmen who came to talk to them were collaborators of Blackgold.Apart from Royal Crown, even Zestar is now operating under Blackgolds banner. Mr. Goldmann is indeed an exceptional and resolute entrepreneur.” 

Royal Crown and Zestar were among the top agencies in the entertainment industry. Zestar had only messed up their serious operation because of their management style

Another businessman said with a smile,Blackgold has acquired Zestar, so itll become an even more powerful player in 

the entertainment industry from now on

Yo, Mr. Hannigan and Mr. Boucher are here too.” 

Seeing Tanner and Helios appear, several owners of companies walked toward them with wine glasses enthusiastically

Tanner was one of Blackgolds business partners, and as for Helios, he had gone behind the scenes and become a director after quitting the entertainment industry. Naturally, his connections in the circle had become even stronger than before

Everyone knew that Nolan had acquired Zestar for his cousininlaw, who hated the previous Zestar higherups. The cousininlaw had just taken over Zestar, so there must be a need to strengthen his connections in the industry. The purpose of holding this banquet was to give the cousininlaw a chance to set a foothold in 

the circle

Heliosappearance was him showing Nolan a lot of respect 

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