the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1414

Chapter 1414 

Barbara and Pearl walked toward Maisie.Your cousin is tonights protagonist. Why hasnt he appeared yet?” 

Maisie smiled. Hes probably still preparing.” 

Just when she said that Hector appeared at the scene, and next to him was Zestars former manager. Triden

Triden and Sean were partners at Zestar. Triden knew a thing or two about Seans death and the actions of the exZestar higherups. It was Hector who hired him back to Zestar

Hector was more formally dressed today. He wore a threepiece suit: The attire not only made him look grand, but it also made him exude a mature and dignified aura

However, Hector felt a little restrained when he was wearing this outfit

Maisie walked toward him and adjusted his tie for him. This is your first time dressed in something like this. Youre not used to it, aren‘t you?” 

Yeah, Im really not used to it.” 

Hector felt awkward, and Triden, who was standing next to him, clicked his tongue.There are still a lot of things youre not used to. Youre the company owner now, so you need to learn a lot more to communicate in the upper social class.” 

As he said that, he leaned over to Hector.” You should also keep your temper in check. You need to speak tactfully in the industry that were in: You need to pick up the skill of knowing when to speak and what to say. Being extra careful with your surroundings is always a good thing. So, learn to be smarter and more refined so that you wont be led by the nose by others.” 

Hector nodded. Thanks for the tips.” 

Looking at them, Maisie gave off a smile all of a sudden. Mr. Gallagher, you truly have been in the entertainment industry for a long time. You know how everything is run in the industry.” 

Triden grinned. Ive survived the people that I met in Zestar, so how could I not pick up a thing or two throughout my journey?” 

Then please take good care of Hector in the future.” 

Triden nodded and smiled. Of course. How can I not take good care of the man that Mr. Lewis has high hopes of?” 

The banquet had just started, and Nolan had already started bringing Hector around the venue and introducing him to more people. He really wanted Hector to gain a firm foothold in the industry, which would only do him good

Hector had studied makeup and fashion styling, but it would not stop him from picking up a few skills that would help him manage an entertainment company

Celebrities always needed a companys marketing, and the career path they should follow and the character setup they should put on had always been determined by the company. Not to mention that Hector had a unique taste when it came to the companys celebritiesfashion styling, which he could showcase while managing Zestar, Humans had always been eager to learn , and the more they learned, the more possibilities would await them in the future

Lucy had just arrived, but she did not expect to see so many people... 

She was carrying a bag that had the figurine that she had just bought in it. The people who attended the banquet were all very glamorously dressed, but she..

Although she had chosen to wear the most beautiful dress she owned, she was still the most ordinarylooking person among all the attendees

She looked toward the crowd and soon saw Hectors figure

She wanted to raise her hand to say hello to Hector but saw her stepfather and Elaine walking toward Hector

Edward gave Hector a gift, which seemed very expensive

And Elaine approached Hector and said something to him, and Hector laughed along

Lucys hand, which was hanging in the air, lowered slowly

She then looked down at the bag in her hand

Compared to what they gave him, my gift seems out of place

Not only the gift, he and I even..

Were two individuals that came from two different dimensions

Elaine is the daughter of the Xaviers, and Hector is Mr. Goldmanns cousininlaw. In terms of status, Im nowhere as good as Elaine. Id definitely be deemed someone who doesnt know her position if I were to claim that Im friends with Hector 

Lucy lowered her gaze, turned around, and 

was about to go out but ran into a waiter beside her

The fallen wine glass splashed on her

When the waiter saw that he had bumped into someone, he quickly apologized, Im sorry, Miss. Are you alright?

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