the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1415

Chapter 141

The commotion attracted the peoples attention, and Lucy panicked. She was also afraid that Edward would find out about her appearance at the party. Its okay. I’m fine.” 

She then ran out of the venue

The waiter called to her, but she did not look back

Hector seemed to have heard Lucys voice, so he turned his head to look, only to see a familiar figure sprinting away

And only the waiter was left behind, cleaning up the mess

Lucy ran to the bathroom and cleaned the wine stains on her dress with water, but the more she washed it, the dirtier it 


She felt extremely aggrieved all of a sudden and wanted to cry

At that moment, the phone in her clutch rang

She took the phone out, and it was a call from Hector

She hesitated for a few seconds before answering

Hector asked where she was

She picked up the clutch, left the bathroom, and ran to Héctor, who came out to find her in the corridor

Hector turned his head and slowly put down the phone as his gaze was fixed on Lucys winestained dress

Lucy subconsciously hid the bag behind her. Although she was a little aggrieved and felt sad, she forced a smile. I’m sorry, I accidentally stained my dress, so I don‘t think Ill be going in already.” 

Hector approached her, saw her slightly bloodshot eyes, and slowly opened his pursed lips. Its okay. Ill bring you in and do something about it.” 

As he said that, he grabbed her wrist and was about to take her away. But she jerked his hand gently and did not even budge.Forget it.” 

Hector turned to look at her

She lowered her head. Im not used to such occasions anyway, and my stepfather is there. I dont really want him to see me.” 

Hector asked her, Are you afraid of him?” 

Afraid? Not really..

Seeing that she did not say anything, Hector tightened his grip and dragged her away abruptly

Lucy followed behind him in astonishment

Hector took her to the dressing room, picked up a pair of scissors, and walked toward her. Before Lucy could react, the hem of the dress had been cut off

Lucy was dumbfounded. Hector!” 

Hector squatted in front of her. Wine stains cant be washed off. They can only be covered with some accessories or decorations . So, do forgive my recklessness.” 

Lucy was stunned

Hector cut off some fabric from the dress, walked aside, folded it into a pattern, and took a few needles and thread out of a box

He then sewed the fabric that had been

turned into a pattern on the area that was stained by wine, and the pattern covered the wine stains perfectly

Lucy glanced at him in a daze. You can even do this...” 

He responded with a hum. I only learned some tricks from my lecturer to deal with such embarrassing situations.” 

Lucy lowered her head and smiled. Thank you.” 

Why are you still so polite when you‘re around me?Hector raised his head, and the two exchanged gazes

Lucy froze in place. Her heart was racing at that momentit was so intense that it felt like it was thumping against the interior of her chest cavity

Hector stared at her face and moved his lips slightly. Just as he was about to say 

something, Lucy picked up the bag abruptly and shoved it in front of him.This is for you!” 

He was stunned for a split second, and his gaze landed on the bag. He then grabbed the bag from her and took out the gift box in the bag. It was a robot figurine

Hector‘s Adam‘s apple rolled. Did you... purposely buy me a gift?” 

Id be too embarrassed to come emptyhanded. I dont know what you like, but I saw that you have a few of these in your house, so I think you should like this.Lucy clasped her interlocked fingers and lowered her head

Hector chuckled and looked up at her.Thank you. I like it very much.

Lucy heaved a sigh of relief, and her eyes narrowed into two arches. Im glad to hear that.” 

Hector put his hand on her side and approached her. But theres no need to spend so much money on me in the future. This must be expensive, isn‘t it?” 

She looked away instantly and smiled. Its nothing, I can always make more money, so its fine.” 

He raised his hand to rub the top of her head and chuckled. You silly.” 

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