the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1417

Chapter 1417 

I just hope that she will have a place to stay before she finishes her studies. Shes a poor girl, so I have to be responsible while she grows up. I hope that you can help. After she grows up and is able to live by herself, she wont ask for anything from your family anymore.” 

Edward was surprised when he heard that

Women who remarried would usually want the man to accept their children, but she was thinking about this from his perspective. He didnt like the idea of Jenna bringing her daughter along. He was a businessman, so he would be worried that a woman who married him with a child would have bad intentions, and on top of that, he already had a daughter

After Jenna said all that, he asked if she was alright if he didnt announce their relationship with the Xaviers, and she agreed

Edward snapped out of that and looked at her, Its time to address me.” 

Lucy was surprised. Seeing that she was just standing there, Elaine nudged her.Why are you just standing there? Call him Dad.” 

The Mr. Xavierthat she was calling him, turned into Dad


Edward nodded. Come back anytime you want. Our home is your home too! Our home is your home toomade Lucy tear up. 

Even though Lucy was a part of the Xaviers, she had always reminded herself that that wasnt her home but just a temporary place

Elaine hugged her by her shoulders.Youre my sister from now on.” 

Lucy lowered her head and wiped away her tears while smiling

Maisie was happy for Lucy

After the event, Lucy and the Xaviers walked to the door

Edward stopped and turned to look at her.Lucy, your mother cares about you a lot. When she first married me, she was worried that I wouldnt accept you, so she begged me and agreed not to announce to the world our relationship. She did all that for you.” 

Lucy was stunned

Edward patted her shoulder. Go home and talk to her when you have time. Shes a good mother and wishes you will understand one day.” 

Edward got into the car

Elaine turned back to look at her and whispered, Were going the opposite way, so we cant drive you. You have a ride anyway.She then looked behind Lucy


Lucy stood there until the car drove away


She turned around, saw Hector walking down the stairs, and paused. YYoure not back yet?” 

No, I was talking to Maisie and Nolan.” Hector stopped in front of her and looked at his watch. Want to take a walk?” 

Lucy paused. You want to take a walk?Yes, Ive had a bit too much to drink. I need to sober up.” 

Ill go with you then.” 

The neon lights at the pier looked beautiful. Cars drove on the wide streets, and the headlights shone. The two of them walked along the bridge as a dim yellow light shone on them

Hector looked sideways at her, Are you happy that your stepfather finally accepted you into the family?” 

Lucy smiled, Yes.She then looked down because it was unbelievable, I never dared think that he would one day accept me, and I didnt know that my mother begged him for me to stay with them.” 

She had been under the impression that her mother never wanted to admit who she was and was afraid she would mess up her 

new life.

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