the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1420

Chapter 1420 

That evening, Lucy walked to the garage and saw two colleagues standing there. She looked away. Youre still here?” 

One of them walked to her and held her arm. Lucy, my friend opened up a shop, and I‘m buying dinner. Do you want to join us?” 

Yes, lets go together. Youve been paying for our meals in the past two days, so we need to do something in return.” 

Lucy was a little befuddled by their friendliness, but she didn‘t want to reject it. Thus, she had to be careful about what she said, I m sorry, I have something on tonight, so I wont be able to join you.Are you going on a date?‘ 

Lucy, tell us, who is it?” 

Bring your boyfriend along.” 

Lucy was going to say something when she heard a honk nearby. She looked around and seemed to be worried that the person in the car would be seen, so she hurriedly bade farewell. I need to go, Im sorry. Lets do this another day.” 

The two women stared at the driver

Unfortunately, it was too dark inside, and they couldnt see clearly until the car drove away

One of them crossed her arms. Why is she being so secretive? Do you think her boyfriend is ugly, so she doesnt want us to see him?” 

The other woman shook her head. I dont think so, maybe... its a secret relationship.Lucys heart pounded in the car, and she could only look forward. Youre off early.” 

Was it because of the earlier message?‘ 

Lucy shamefully turned her head and looked at Hector through the reflection in the window

Hector held the steering wheel while smiling. Its not that early. What do you want to have tonight?” 

Lucy smiled and replied, Anything works.” 

When the light turned red, he turned to stare at her. What about me?” 

Lucys face was flushed and almost started smoking

Hector laughed out loud when he saw that

When they returned to the Lakeview Apartment, they brought the groceries out of the elevator and said at the same time,Lets go to your place.” 

Hector smiled. Well c**k at my place tonight then.” 

Lucy was going into the kitchen and started opening up the cabinets when Hector changed and walked toward her. He stood behind her and leaned forward, placing his chin on her shoulder. Do you need help?” 

She paused and smiled. No, Ill be fine.” She then turned around and pushed him outside, Wait for me outside.” 

Hector suddenly turned around, and that made her fall into his arms. She was going to say something when he leaned down and kissed her

Lucy held onto his shirt, and he let her go after a long while and ran his fingers over her lips. Ill be waiting then.” 

Lucys face turned red again. That was a violation

After dinner was ready, the portion was perfect, and they had a bottle of wine in the cooler. They took it out and casually poured it into their wine glasses

Dinner, wine, and each other

The room was cozy and romantic

Lucy picked up the glass, clinked it against Hectors, took a deep breath, and gobbled everything down

Hector smiled. Take it slow. Dont get drunk.” 

Lucy blushed but not because she was drunk. Whats wrong with being drunk?” 

He looked up at her face. Youll feel terrible the next day.” 

Lucy paused. Oh.” 

She thought he would say that he would get a chance if she were drunk



Hector chuckled, What else?He put out his hand and flicked her forehead, Whats going on in your mind?

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