the Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1422

Chapter 1422 

Lucy suddenly fell silent

Naomi looked at her and asked, Whats wrong?” 

Keeping her head low, Lucy stirred her coffee and replied. We haven‘t told anyone about our relationship yet.” 

Naomi was stunned. Why?” 

Lucy did not know either. She had never asked Hector before if they should make their relationship public or not. She was worried that the people in the company might talk about them behind their backs if they made it public. After all, Hector was Maisies cousin

She sighed helplessly and replied, It isnt convenient.” 

Is it because he doesnt want other people to know about your relationship?” 


So, you dont want other people to know who he is.” 

Lucy was stumped. She did not say anything in return, but Naomi knew she had guessed it right. She chuckled slightly and said, Let me guess. Is it Ms

Vanderbilts cousin?” 

Lucy looked at Naomi in surprise and said nervously, How did you know it’s Ms. Vanderbilts cousin?mmmm 

When Ms. Vanderbilt brought you to her cousins celebration party, my sisterinlaw said that something was going on with you two. I didnt believe it then, but it seems I was wrong.Naomi covered her mouth and smiled

Lucy felt embarrassed

She had forgotten that Naomis sisterinlaw was Helioswife. She had been there that night

Oh gosh! Does this mean that Ms. Vanderbilt also knows about it already!?‘ 

At Zestar..

The news of Hector lowering himself to design the look for the celebrities despite being the owner of Zestar soon spread across the company, and all the employees were satisfied with Hector

Mainly it was because Hector was downtoearth. He was very patient with each employee and did most of the work himself

On the second day after taking over Zestar, he promoted and gave the key personnel that had been oppressed by Zestar for years 

a raise 

When Triden found Hector, he was in the dressing room. He was instructing a makeup artist beside him. The makeup artist was listening very carefully and nodding from time to time

Triden knocked on the door, and Hector lifted his head. He handed the brush to the person next to him and left with Triden

When they were in the corridor, Hector asked, What‘s wrong?” 

Triden said, Your family is here to look for you.” 

Hector suddenly fell silent

He followed Triden into the office, and the few people who sat on the couch were his relatives from Coralia. However, he was not familiar with them since he had only met them a few times with his grandmother. Hecky, it has been so many years, and you‘ve become the owner of an entertainment company. We didnt believe it when your grandmother told us about it, but it seems like we were wrong.” 

They were a lot more polite when talking to Hector right now

Hector sat down on the couch and askedHow can I help you?” 

The few relatives looked at each other and smiled. Heres the thing, Hecky, youre a big boss now, right? Your little cousin says that he wants to come out and work, so we think that maybe you can help him a little.” 

In other words, they wanted him to accept their kids into his company

Triden looked at Hector

He had gotten used to things like this. Once someone from a family became successful, those relatives who had not been in touch for several years would show up and ask for help



Hector used to be a goodfornothing delinquent. They were skeptical when his grandmother went around bragging about how successful her grandson had become. However, they still followed her here since they wanted to find out whether it was real or not. They did not expect Hector to be doing pretty well, so they wanted to curry favor with him

Hector looked at them for a long while and smiled. Im sorry. I don‘t think I can help you.” 

His relativesexpressions changed when they heard what Hector said. What are you talking about, Hecky? Youre a company owner right now, so how can you not help 


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