The Three Little Guardian Angels, Chapter 1424

The Three Little Guardian Angels, Chapter 1424

Lucy hurriedly went forward to support Hector, and she staggered.She was not tall at all.She was only 5’3 “tall, while Hector was 6’2”.

She nearly couldn’t hold him, and they almost fell to the floor.

“Why…Why did you drink so much beer?”

Hector rested his chin on her shoulder and chuckled.

When his breath grazed past her neck, it tickled her, and her skin exploded into gooseflesh.

“I needed to entertain my customer, so I drank a little too much.”

Lucy did not dare to carry him into her apartment.

After all, Elaine was sleeping inside, and she was worried that they might wake her up.

Thus, she carried him to his apartment, but the lock of his apartment was a combination lock.

“What is the password?”

He pressed his lips to her ear and told her the password.

She took a deep breath and keyed in the password.She carried him to his bedroom, and just when she put him on the bed, he grabbed her into his arms.

“Don’t go.”

“Alright, alright, I won’t go.”

Lucy pressed her lips tightly as she slowly moved her hand away from his chest.

“Let…Let me tuck you in.”

Hector was drunk, and he stared at her with his blurry eyes.He caressed her lips with his finger.

“Lucy,” he called her name in a very soft, gentle voice.

When his breath grazed her skin, she felt like a feather tickled her heart.

Her heartbeat raced, and she replied, ‘Yeah, I’m here.”

The room was dark, and the ambiguous atmosphere was like the apple that tempted humanity.

As Hector got closer to her, Lucy’s heart pounded even faster.

When he was about to kiss her, he stopped and giggled hoarsely.

“I’m the one who’s drunk, but why is your face redder than mine?”

“It…It’s hot in here!”

“I’m drunk,” he replied with a smile on his face.

Lucy gulped and averted her gaze.

“If you’re drunk, then you should get some rest.”

Hector cupped her cheek in his hands and repeated, “I’m drunk, so this is your chance.”

He pressed his lips on her cheek to feel the warmth on her skin and added, “You can do whatever you want to me.”

Lucy’s brain went blank.She froze in his arms and gave up thinking.

Hector gave her a light kiss, and her eyelashes fluttered.She did not know if his strong alcoholic breath would make people drunk, but she was intoxicated.

“Lucy,” he called out to her again softly.

He moved his lips to her neck and said, “It’s great to have met you.”

Lucy was stunned.

After a long while, she smiled with tears in her eyes as she stretched her arms forward to hold him.

“I also feel very lucky to have met you.”

Hector wiped the tears off her face with his finger and turned over to deepen the kiss.

There was a vague sound of susurration in the air, and the two people on the bed were naked.

Lucy buried herself into his shoulder, and her fingers tightened.

When Elaine woke up in the morning, she felt thirsty, so she went to the living room and got herself a cup of water.

“Lucy?” She called out to Lucy groggily, but no one replied to her.

She became sober in an instant and went around to look for Lucy.She went to the bathroom and the balcony, but no one was there.

“Where has she been?” She picked up her phone and called Lucy.

On the other side, Lucy reached for her cell phone ina daze and answered the call.

“Yeah?” She sounded like she was still sleeping.

“Where are you?” asked Elaine.

“I am at—”

Before Lucy could finish her sentence, the man behind her wrapped his arms around her, and she woke up instantly.

“I…I’ll be back later!”

She hung up the call.

Standing on the balcony and looking at her phone, Elaine seemed to have realized something and looked toward the apartment next door.

Lucy put her phone down and shrunk into the blanket.

Hector buried his head into her neck and kissed her.

“Are you not going to tell her?”

“I… I don’t want to scare her.”

Hector turned her over, and she covered her face with her hands as she was too embarrassed to look at him.

“Don’t stare at me.”

He chuckled and placed his hand on his forehead.

“Now that you’ve had me, I’m all yours.”

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