The Three Little Guardian Angels, Chapter 1427

The Three Little Guardian Angels, Chapter 1427

“How dare you claim that you didn’t interfere! ? Are you telling me that you’re not the one who instigated Hector?”

Heidi was very certain that Maisie was the person who had instigated Hector.He had never refused any of her requests before this.

Maisie stood in front of Heidi and chuckled.

“Grandmother, humans are capable of change.Think about this, why would Hector want to leave the Vanderbilts and live independently away from Coralia? Have you ever thought about this?”

Heidi was stunned.

There was no way that she would have thought about it.

When Hector had said that he wanted to come to Bassburgh to settle down and develop his career, they agreed.

Besides, it was not bad for Hector to come and depend on Maisie, but who knew that Hector would stop coming home for several years? Thus, how could she not suspect Maisie?

 “Stop giving me all this bullsh*t.Getting involved with you never ends well.Let me remind you once and for all.You’ve gotten married to a man, so strictly speaking, you’re not one of the Vanderbilts either.Hector has a successful career now.You’d better stop interfering with his life in the future!”

Heidi left with the two relatives.

Maisie watched as they left, shook her head, and could not help but let off a smirk.

Hector sent Lucy to the entrance of the company at that moment.

Lucy unbuckled her seat belt, and Hector held her when she was about to get out of the car.

Lucy turned her head around, and Hector held her face and kissed her.Her eyelashes trembled, and her cheeks flushed like a tomato.She then thought of something and asked, “I acted rather abruptly earlier this morning.Did I scare your father?”

Hector rubbed the top of her head and chuckled, seeing that she was worried about this.

“Why would h e feel so? It’s just that I didn’t expect you to rush out s o bravely.”

He thought that she would keep on hiding and dare not come out due to her timid nature.

Lucy lowered her gaze.

“I couldn’t just ask your father to go out and wait.It’d make me…look rude.”

‘’l’d have to meet him sooner or later anyway”

This thought actually frightened her.

‘Have I started to think about our future so early on in the relationship?’ Hector paused for a bit, stared at her, and smiled.

He was about to say something when he suddenly saw Heidi walking out of Soul with the two relatives.

‘’Did she just go to Maisie?’’ 


Lucy stretched out her hand and swayed it in front of Hector’s eyes upon seeing that his gaze was fixed on the car window, and he did not respond to her.

Hector held her hand and turned to look at her.

“Go ahead, don’t be late.”


She got out of the car with a grin.

Hector leaned on the back of the seat and watched as Heidi and the others got into their car.

After a long time, he took out his cell phone and sent Maisie a message.

At acafe…

Elaine was sitting in a seat, waiting for her coffee.

When she turned her head, she heard the two women sitting next to her table talking about the new owner o f Zestar.

“Is it real or not? The new owner of Zestar has been with you before this?”

The woman sitting across from her had two earrings and heavy makeup on.She was tapping on the screen of her phone and laughing.

“His name is Hector Vanderbilt.He used to be a thug and courted me back then, and I managed to cheat him out of $5,000.”

“That person has become an owner of a company now.Will he still be able to recognize you?”

Cindy replied triumphantly, “It doesn’t matter if he’s able to recognize me or not.Anyway, I was able to cheat him once, and I’ll be able to cheat him again.Besides, he’s such a pure and innocent person, and he’ll believe me as long as I use my words correctly.”

The woman did not believe in her.

“It’s been a few years, and maybe he’s dated several girlfriends since then.Will he still remember you?”

Cindy raised her phone.

“What’s there to be afraid of? When I lied to him that he slept with me, he believed it.When I told him I wished to break up, he wouldn’t agree to my proposal either.My daughter has grown up now, and I’m still looking for someone to be her father.I can even bring my daughter along when I meet him.I don’t believe that he’ll deny it.”

As soon as she said that, she saw someone recording a video of her and stood up.

“What do you think you’re filming!?”

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