The Three Little Guardian Angels, Chapter 1428

The Three Little Guardian Angels, Chapter 1428

Elaine saved the video.

“Oh, I just discovered the huge scheme in the making.Someone actually wants to bring another man’s daughter to my brother-in-law and make him assume someone else’s responsibility?”

“Who’s your brother-in-law? Are you mad, you c*n t?!”

Cindy got up and walked toward her, intending to grab the phone.

Unfortunately, Elaine swiftly put it away, and she missed it.

“My brother-in-law is the Hector that you’ve mentioned multiple times over the past few minutes.”

Elaine jerked her collar and sneered.

“We’re both women.Can you do something that will d o good for women’s reputations? This is my first time meeting someone as shameless as you.”


“What’s wrong with me? You’re stuttering and can’t even speak properly now, aren’t you? Let me tell you, I despise women who are healthy and capable, but the only thing they constantly think about is becoming a parasite and living off someone else all the time.All you think about all day is how you can get money from men without having to put in any effort.Girl, are you a beggar?”

Cindy’s face flushed and was starting to turn purplish.

“What did you just say?”

The other guests looked at them one after another.

At this time, the manager of the cafe came over.

“I’m sorry, ladies, but the owner of the premises said that you’re not welcome here, so please leave.”

Elaine was about to point at herself and say something, but the store manager explained hurriedly, “I’m not referring to you but them instead.”

Cindy was exasperated.

‘I just got ridiculed by this sl*t, and I’m being kicked out now!?’ She was completely piqued.

“What do you mean by that? We’ve come here and paid for your products and service, which makes us your customers too.So, why are you only kicking us out! ?”

The store manager smiled.

“The owner claimed that since the two of you are conspiring in our store on how to defraud men of money, we can only ask the two of you to leave for the safety of our property and other male customers.”

The surrounding guests burst into laughter.

Cindy’s friend looked embarrassed.She had not done anything, yet she was insulted as well because she came here with Cindy.She furiously packed her bag and left.

Seeing that her friend had left, Cindy was not shameless enough to stay back any longer.She glared at them and ran out of the cafe.

Elaine turned to look at the store manager.

“Your employer is quite a humorous person.I hope I can get to know him.”

‘Generally, when customers create a stir in a store, a harmonious owner will choose to ask the parties involved to settle their differences by themselves while they take care of the customers’ emotions.

And amore assertive owner would just call the police and leave the matter to them.

‘But the owner of this café is different.He straight-up asked them to leave without calling the police or stepping forward to persuade them, and he’s managed to do so with a hint of dark comedy.It’s executed to perfection that even I’m curious about his identity now”

The store manager laughed.

“Our owner is a reasonable person.”

‘He’s indeed a very reasonable person.He solves the problem by tackling the root cause”

Elaine nodded, grabbed the coffee handed to her by one of the baristas, and was about to leave when someone stopped her.

Elaine turned around, and a man who looked like he was in his 30s came down from the second floor.His appearance looked refined and gentle, dignified and graceful.

The store manager approached him with a smile.


Elaine was startled.

“Are you the owner of this cafe?”

This cafe had been in business for several years, and she had been a regular customer since its establishment.

However, she had never seen him before.

The man nodded.

“You’re a regular customer here, aren’t you?”

Elaine paused for a split second, looking a little surprised.

“You actually remember me?” He smiled.

“I remember all the customers who come t o my store regularly.I heard everything from upstairs.”

Elaine glanced at the attic.

‘It’s obvious that he was sitting by the window, so it’s not surprising that he could hear our argument from u p there.

It’s no wonder he was so “sensible”

Holding the coffee in her hand, she laughed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble, but the person who happened to be targeted is my brother-in -law.I must stand up for my sister at any time, mustn’t I?”

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