This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 871

Chapter 871 Constantly Getting Jealous

“What, what’s the matter?” The attorney was bewildered as he had no idea how he had offended Toby. Why was Toby staring at him with such a scary expression?

He wanted to ask what was happening, but Toby commanded with a steely tone, “Get lost!”

The attorney’s lips twitched. It was obvious that Toby was in a foul mood, so the attorney nodded and rushed off.

Sonia moved Toby’s hand away from her eyes and pursed her lips in displeasure as she asked, “What’s up with you?”

Toby did not reply. Instead, he cupped her face with his hands and pulled her toward him before he finally uttered in a low growl, “Never look at another man like that ever again. You’re not allowed to show a look of admiration to any other man, do you hear me? You can only look at me like that!”

His words were dripping with jealousy, and Sonia finally realized what was happening. He was upset by the way she looked at the attorney earlier, and this revelation amused her.

She laughed without saying anything, and Toby was not satisfied with her reaction. “Did you hear me?”

He repeated his words as his grip grew stronger.

Sonia hurriedly nodded. “Yes, yes, I heard you.”

Only then did Toby let her go.

Sonia massaged her now-reddened face and chided him. “Why are you always like this? Why do you keep getting jealous? It’s the third time today.”

Toby remained silent for a while before declaring, “It’s because I care about you and love you too much. When I was under the hypnosis, even though you were right beside me, I had no idea that you were the one I loved, and in the end, I lost you. I don’t want to lose you again. You’re too important to me, and I can’t stand the thought of you paying too much attention to anyone else.”

Toby was conscious of how easily he got jealous over the most inconsequential things, but he could not stop himself. Sonia was like a precious jewel that had once been lost to him, so now that he found her again, all he wanted to do was keep her by his side for good. He could not bear the thought of her spending her time and effort on someone else.

Both his words and his present demeanor made it clear that he was feeling insecure, and Sonia could not help but sigh. He lost her once before, so he could not bear the thought of losing her again. He lived in constant fear that she would fall in love with someone else, because at one point in time, she had been deeply hurt by him, and had fallen out of love with him.

She held his arm and sighed again. She had been the one who felt insecure about their relationship back then, and now it was his turn.

“Don’t worry.” Sonia rested her head on his shoulders. Her tone had softened as she consoled him, “You’re the most important person in the world to me. I might be curious about other people, but I don’t feel anything for them, so you don’t have to worry that they’ll take my attention away from you. You’ll always be the one I pay the most attention to.”

Unless, if by some chance they were no longer a couple and had become strangers. If that happened, then she would naturally stop paying him any attention. However, there was no reason for her to say this out loud since it would only serve to make him even more unhappy.

Toby’s stiff expression grew a lot more relaxed after hearing Sonia’s words, but he still sounded a little upset as he said, “What’s there to be curious about him? Why did you look at him in admiration?”

Sonia held his arm tightly. “I’m just curious about his credentials. What else do you think I would be curious about?”

She looked him in the eye and added, “He’s nowhere near as good-looking as you, nor does he have a rocking body like you do, so why would I be interested in him?”

Toby’s lips quirked up a little at Sonia’s satisfactory appraisal of his looks. “That’s more like it.”

Sonia was scoffing at him on the inside, and her amusement was written all over her face as well.

He’s always putting on airs, but deep down inside, he’s such a child. Just a little praise is enough to get him all excited again.

In her heart, she secretly apologized to the attorney for putting him down when she was praising Toby.

“But why are you curious about his credentials?” Toby looked at Sonia, who was still resting her head against his shoulder. While he was thrilled by how highly she thought of him, he still wanted to get to the bottom of her curiosity toward that attorney.

Sonia could tell that he was determined to find out, and her lips twitched in exasperation. Oh fine, since he’s so curious, then I might as well let him know, or else he would never stop asking.

She rubbed her temples and said, “He seemed like a smooth talker, so I was curious to know if he was a good attorney. When I looked him up on the internet, I found out that he was one of the top three best attorneys in the country. At first, I assumed that he was just a typical greedy attorney, and I never expected him to be that well-known, so that’s why I was surprised.”

Having said that, she turned and looked Toby in the eye. “By the way, since he’s such a good attorney, why didn’t you keep him in the company?”

Even though it would cost a bomb to have such a good attorney on retainer, it was still not a big deal for a man like Toby. Therefore, she was curious why Toby had let him go.

“He resigned,” Toby stated coolly.

“Whatever for?” Sonia did not understand it at all. “If he’s the head of the legal department, then you would’ve paid him a fine salary. At the very least, it should be more than what he’s currently earning on his own. He’s such a materialistic guy, so why would he do that?”

“If he didn’t leave, then his position would soon be replaced by someone else. Rather than being unceremoniously dethroned, he would rather leave on his own accord. At the very least, it would sound a lot better.” Toby began toying with Sonia’s hand as he explained.

Sonia cocked her head to the side. “What do you mean?”

“It means that not only did I hire him, one of the top three attorneys in the country, I also hired the top attorney in the country, who is now the head of our legal department at Fuller Group.” Toby pressed his lips on her hand and gave her a soft kiss.

Sonia was hit with a realization. “So that’s why. Now I get it.”

If she had been in that position, then she probably would have resigned too. If someone who was better than her was eyeing her position, and she felt unconfident about keeping it, then she might as well resign instead.

“Oh, by the way.” A thought just occurred to Sonia and she sat up straight. “Mr. Woolley kept mentioning a Mr. Salzburg. Was he talking about Connor Salzburg?”

“Yes, that’s him.” Toby nodded firmly.

Sonia’s brows furrowed. “We should’ve asked Mr. Woolley what the connection between Anya and Connor was.”

“It’s no matter. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.” Toby’s eyes narrowed and glinted dangerously.

Sonia looked over at him and was about to speak when a policeman came over. “President Fuller, Miss Reed, you may see Anya Steinfeld now.”

Upon hearing his words, Sonia rushed to her feet and dragged Toby up with her. “Thank you, please lead the way for us.”

The policeman gave a courteous smile and gestured for them to follow him.

When Sonia and Toby entered the interrogation room, they saw Anya, who was sitting in a wheelchair with her head lowered. Anya was unable to walk right now, so instead of cuffing her into the seat in the interrogation room, the policemen graciously allowed her to stay seated in her own wheelchair while they questioned her.

Even so, Anya had gone through a lot in the last 24 hours, and she was not in a very good state of mind. It was clear that she had an awful time when she spent the night at the police station. While the police obviously would not use force on her, she would still be tormented by her own thoughts and emotions over being locked up.

It was clear for all to see that Anya was to blame for her present situation.

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