This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 872

Chapter 872 Toby’s Overindulgent Love

A person would crumble under such guilt, fear, and anxiety, but Sonia felt that Anya deserved what she was going through.

“Oh, you’re here. Miss Reed, President Fuller.” The police officers who were interrogating Anya immediately greeted Sonia and Toby once they entered the room. Toby gave a grunt of acknowledgment, but Sonia was a lot more polite. She gave them a smile and said, “Yeah, we’re here.”

The moment Anya heard Sonia’s voice, she raised her head and fixed her eyes on Sonia with a baleful glare. The atmosphere seemed to chill around Toby when he noticed that, but Sonia gently nudged his hand as a reminder to stay calm. Then, she released his hand and started moving toward Anya.

However, when Sonia was just about to take a step, Toby grabbed her hand. “Don’t go over. She might try and hurt you.”

Sonia turned around and gave him a smile. “Don’t worry, she doesn’t have the guts to do anything of that sort in a police station. In any case, she’s stuck in a wheelchair, so she’s no match for me.”

Truth be told, Sonia had every reason to be confident. She may not be as strong as a man, but she was definitely stronger than the average woman. Seeing as how she could easily overpower Jessica and come out of the fight unscathed, she was not at all worried about defending himself from Anya, who could not even stand up from her own wheelchair. In fact, if she took some self-defense classes, then she would surely be able to defeat certain men as well.

Toby could see the confidence in Sonia’s eyes, so he decided to put his worries aside and trust her judgment on this. He let go of her hand but still insisted, “Be careful, and be on your guard.”

Even if Anya was a weak opponent, there was no guarantee that Anya would not resort to any dirty tricks. If Sonia did not keep her guard up, then she might get hurt.

Sonia was moved by how worried Toby was for her, so she smiled and nodded. “I will. Anyway, aren’t you right behind me? I trust that you’ll keep an eye on me, and you won’t let me get hurt, right?”

Toby’s lips curved into a faint smile. “Yeah.”

“Then I’ll be alright.” Sonia gave him a huge grin and headed toward Anya once more.

True enough, Toby kept his eyes fixed on Sonia. His brows were tightly knitted together as he remained on high alert to detect any possible danger that might come to her.

The other police officers had complicated looks on their faces as they watched the couple’s interaction.

Hey, show a little respect for us over here! This is a police station, and you’re not on your honeymoon here.

Though obviously, none of them actually voiced this out loud.

Therefore, under Toby’s watchful gaze, Sonia proceeded to approach Anya.

Anya’s hands were handcuffed together and resting on her knees, but her fists were tightly clenched. As soon as Sonia came nearer, Anya’s fists clenched even tighter and her veins began to pop.

It was obvious just how hard Anya was trying to suppress her anger and hatred.

Sonia glanced at Anya’s tightly-fisted hands, along with her monstrous expression and venomous glare, before snorting. “You hate me?”

Anya bit her lip without making a sound, but her feelings were obvious. It was clear that Anya despised Sonia.

Sonia’s red lips curved into a sneer, and to everyone’s shock, she raised her hand and slapped Anya right across her face.

Smack! The sound rang out as clear as a bell.

Anya’s head was flung to one side, and she felt like it was rattling from the forceful slap. She was dumbstruck as she clutched her cheek and stared wide-eyed at Sonia, and all the color drained from her face.

It was not just Anya either. Everyone in the interrogation room had frozen as well. For a brief moment, the interrogation room fell into pin-drop silence, and no one spoke at all. No one expected Sonia to raise her hand against Anya, let alone do it so openly.

Toby was the first to snap out of his shock. He did not think that Sonia would slap Anya, so he had been stunned as well, but he had a faint smile once he got over the shock. He walked over to Sonia.

After giving Anya a slap, Sonia lowered her gaze and started massaging her hand. She had not held back at all, and she ended up exerting too much force. It felt like her wrist had strained a little, and it was starting to feel a little numb. She had used too much strength in that slap, so the opposing force had done a number on her own hand.

“Let me take a look.” When Toby walked up to Sonia, he noticed that she was clutching her wrist. All signs of mirth immediately vanished from his face as checked in on her.

Sonia stopped massaging her wrist and turned to him. “Why did you come over?”

“I came to see if you got hurt,” Toby said. He pulled her hand over to take a better look at it.

Sonia chuckled. “How would I have gotten hurt? I’m the one who hit her, not the other way around.”

Yes, exactly!

By now, the other police officers had snapped out of their daze as well, but they never thought they would hear such ridiculous words coming out of Toby’s mouth. Thankfully, Miss Reed was not as irrational as he was.

She’s right! She’s the one who did the slapping, so why would President Fuller think that she would get hurt?

They were beginning to think that Toby was a little shameless.

As for Anya, she was still clutching her face in a daze and had not come out of her shock yet.

Toby had no clue that the police officers were scoffing at him internally, and he did not even bother to spare them a glance. Even if he knew what they were thinking about him, he would not care either. The only person whose opinion mattered to him was Sonia.

He opened up Sonia’s palm and began to look at it carefully. When he saw how red it was, his brows creased even more.

“What, what’s wrong?” Sonia’s heart skipped a beat when she saw his grim expression.

Why does he look so grim? Did something happen?

Toby gently caressed her palm and replied in a low voice, “I thought you said you weren’t hurt. Look at how red your hand is.”

“……” Sonia’s expression became a little stiff.

As for the other police officers, they were dumbfounded by Toby’s words as well. Earlier, when they saw the grim expression on his face, they reacted just like Sonia did and assumed that something serious had happened.

Who would have thought that it was just a little redness?

That’s all? Isn’t it just a little redness? Why did he have to startle us with such a horrible expression?

Once again, the police officers grumbled in their hearts, but they still kept a begrudging smile on their faces. If it were not for the fact that Toby was an influential member of society, they would have shredded him to pieces for giving them such a scare.

Meanwhile, Sonia sighed and gave Toby a look. “Of course my hand would be a little red after I’ve hit someone with it. What’s so shocking about that?”

Toby pursed his lips. “If it’s this red, then it must have been painful for you as well.”

Well, Sonia could not deny that. She knew her physics, so the force that she exerted when she slapped Anya would come right back at her too. Even now, her wrist was still a little numb, and she had been massaging it earlier.

When Toby saw Sonia admitting it with a nod, he kissed her hand soothingly. “Next time, you don’t have to do this kind of thing yourself. Just ask someone else to do it so that you won’t get hurt. Especially if you’re hitting someone thick-skinned since it’ll be even easier for you to get hurt when you hit them. Even if you can’t find someone else to do it for you, then find an object to use instead so that your hand won’t hurt.”

The moment Toby said those words, the interrogation room fell silent once again. All the police officers stared at Toby like he was some sort of monster.

Where’s your decency, President Fuller? It’s one thing to not condemn your girlfriend’s actions of slapping another person in public, but must you also start mocking the person she hit? Also, why are you advising her to get someone else to do it for her next time? Have you forgotten that there are police officers here in the room with you?

Though, no matter how much they were complaining to themselves, the police officers still did not dare say a word.

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