This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 873

Chapter 873 The Stupidest Woman

Sonia smiled warmly as she stared at the man in front of him. He was still massaging her wrist and showering it with gentle kisses as his eyes shone with concern.

How could he be so adorable?

“I’m fine now. It doesn’t hurt anymore.” By now, Toby seemed to have forgotten that they were in a police station and had an audience of police officers behind them. She was a little embarrassed by his overt display of affection, so she hurriedly withdrew her hand to stop his barrage of kisses.

He might go even further if she did not stop him now.

Toby understood her well, so naturally, he figured out why she withdrew her hand from his grasp. He gave the police officers a warning look and reluctantly let go of her hand. “Remember, let someone else do the grunt work for you next time. Or if you must hit them yourself, then find an object to use. That way, you won’t hurt yourself and won’t get your hands dirty either.”

Sonia was amused by how serious Toby was about his advice, so she nodded and promised him, “Okay, I’ll give it a try next time.”

“Good.” Toby was satisfied.

Just then, Anya finally recovered from her state of shock. She turned to face the front again, but she was still clutching her cheek. Her ears were still ringing, and her face felt like it was on fire. Sonia did not hold back at all with the slap. Anya did not need a mirror to know that her face must be swollen like a balloon right now!

She could feel the throbbing pain on her face, and when she looked up at the lovey-dovey couple in front of her, her eyes were filled with hostility. She began to tremble as she shrieked, “Sonia Reed, how dare you hit me?”

Her piercing voice echoed around the room. Both Sonia and Toby turned to look at her. Toby’s eyes were narrowed and bloodthirsty. One look from him would be enough to strike fear into someone’s heart. However, Anya’s eyes were glued to Sonia, so she did not realize the animosity that was coming from Toby.

Sonia smirked and asked coolly, “Why would I be afraid of hitting you? You’re staring daggers at me as if you’re about to rip me to pieces, so naturally, I feel the urge to hit you back. Since I feel the urge to do so, then why shouldn’t I act upon it? It’s better than suppressing my feelings. Who knows when I’d explode if I stopped myself? I wouldn’t risk it just for your sake.”

She observed the hand that she used to slap Anya before waving it in front of her. Her smile began to look a little cruel as she sneered. “How was it? Did you enjoy the slap I gave you?”

“You…” Anya glared at Sonia with a fiery look in her eyes.

But Sonia was not spooked by her at all. She lowered her hand and said, “It seems like you did find it quite enjoyable. You can’t even find the words to describe it now.”

Toby had an adoring look in his eyes as he watched how Sonia toyed with Anya. Sonia looked like a dominatrix with a devilish penchant for teasing. She would look even more the part if she wore a leather bodysuit and had a whip in her hands.

Toby’s eyes darkened as he began to imagine Sonia in a leather bodysuit. His mind had formed quite the image, and Toby’s eyes grew even darker. His breath caught in his throat, and he swallowed unconsciously.

Maybe I should get a few of those outfits for her to try on.

Toby rubbed his jaw in thought, and his eyes began to glint.

All of a sudden, Sonia had a weird feeling and she shuddered unconsciously. She looked around her, but she could not find anything unusual, so she cocked her head slightly in confusion.

That’s weird, what was that feeling about?

It felt like something had latched itself onto her, and she did not sense any malice, but it gave her a peculiar feeling nonetheless. However, that feeling was gone once she took a look around.

Could it have been that the interrogation room was too cold, so it made her shudder?

That sounded quite plausible, so Sonia did not give it a second thought. She turned her attention back to Anya, then reached out to grab Anya by the jaw before yanking hard.

Anya groaned in pain. It felt like her face had been disfigured, and she glared at Sonia in disbelief. “Sonia Reed, how dare you lay your hands on me again?!”

She could not believe that Sonia dared to do this to her in front of all the police officers. The slap earlier had been unexpected, so none of the police officers could react in time, but was Sonia hitting her again without being afraid of the police officers this time?

“Why wouldn’t I dare to?” Sonia yanked Anya’s head up by the jaw. “You keep asking for it, so I couldn’t resist at all. Like I said earlier, if I feel the urge to hit you, then I’m going to hit you.”

“You…” Anya’s eyes were bloodshot. “This is a police station!”

“So what?”

So what?

Anya threw an incensed glare at the police officers in the room. “Are all of you blind? Can’t you see that she’s hitting me? How can you even say you’re a police officer if you don’t stop her from hitting me in your jurisdiction?! Are you all a bunch of cowards?!”

Once they heard Anya’s screams, all the police officers had dark expressions on their faces, and they stared at Anya in silence.

Sonia could not resist snorting out in laughter. Even Toby raised his eyebrows and stared at Anya like she was an idiot.

He had seen a lot of stupid people in his time, but he had never seen one as stupid as her.

Toby was standing right there in the room with the rest of them, so naturally, the police officers would not try and stop Sonia from hitting Anya. Even though they were in a police station, all the police officers still chose to turn a blind eye.

It was a little embarrassing for them, but they would rather not offend him. After all, he had been providing the police force with a lot of financial assistance. He was the one who invested in improving their police vehicles and police equipment. Therefore, to a certain extent, they were willing to let things slide.

However, Anya did not think of this at all. Instead, she called them out for not stopping Sonia’s actions and even went so far as to label them cowards. There was no way they were going to step in and help her now.

Either way, this was the first time that Toby had seen such a stupid person who boxed herself into a corner by single-handedly offending every person she possibly could.

To make matters worse, she still did not realize what she had done.

“By the way, what time is it now?” Suddenly, one of the police officers spoke up.

Another police officer made a show of checking his watch before getting up and saying, “It’s nearly noon. Time for lunch! Let’s go and grab a bite.”

“Great idea, let’s go now.” All the police officers nodded in agreement.

Sure enough, all of them glanced at Sonia and Toby before walking out of the interrogation room.

Both Sonia and Toby understood to look in the police officers’ eyes. It meant that they were giving the couple carte blanche to continue doing whatever they wanted to Anya but to not leave any glaring signs of it. Sonia graciously accepted their gesture with a smile.

As for Anya, she was stunned when she saw all of the police officers leaving the room. Clearly, she still had no idea why they were leaving.

Sonia noticed the stupefied look in Anya’s eyes, so she asked in a taunting voice, “You don’t know why they’re leaving? Well, I’ll be kind just once and enlighten you. It’s because you offended them.”

I offended them?

Anya’s pupils began darting around, but she quickly shook her head. “That’s impossible! When did I ever offend them?”

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