This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 874

Chapter 874 Always Paying Attention to You

Sonia smirked. She had seen her fair share of foolishness, but this really took the cake. Even now, Anya probably had not figured out how offensive she had been with her words earlier.

How could anyone not find her despicable?

Sonia gave her a mocking stare. “You called them cowards, but you think you didn’t offend them?”

Sigh, she really did have such a soft heart. Why else would she be kind enough to remind Anya?

Sonia’s reminder sparked Anya’s memory, and her face grew pale as she finally realized why the police officers had all left.

So it really was because of something I said?

Anya’s eyes roamed from the door, to Sonia who stood in front of her, and to Toby who was lounging in a chair nearby. Slowly, her entire body began to tremble, but it was not fear that she felt—it was anger.

How could they call themselves police officers if they decided to leave her alone when they knew full well that both of these people were out for blood?! So what if she had offended them by her words? Was she wrong?

Everything she said was the truth! They were cowards who did not even bother trying to stop Sonia from hurting her!

How could they just throw a tantrum and leave like that? Shouldn’t they stay and prove that they’re not cowards by stopping these two from going any further?

They did nothing of the sort, but instead, they chose to hold a grudge against her. How could they put on that uniform and call themselves police officers?

Judging by Anya’s heavy breathing and murderous gaze, it was easy for Sonia to deduce the thoughts that were running through Anya’s mind.

For some reason, Sonia felt like she could read Anya like a book despite having only met her a couple of times. Anya was one of those women who felt like the world should revolve around them. She would never own up to her own mistakes, and would always find someone else to blame for anything that went wrong. The world should bow down at her feet and cater to her every whim, and if they did not, then something was wrong with the world while she remained completely faultless.

She was exactly the same as Tina Gray. A flash of loathing flitted across Sonia’s eyes as she thought about that woman.

Tina Gray had ruined Sonia’s marriage and even attempted to take her life several times. No matter how good-tempered Sonia was, there was no way that she could tolerate Tina’s existence. Sonia had sworn to get even with Tina once she found her. In all likelihood, Tina would be given the death sentence for all the times she tried to take Sonia’s life. The only problem was they had no idea where Tina was right now!

Sonia threw a derisive look at Anya and lamented at her own unlucky streak. She thought that her encounter with the abominable Tina Gray was enough to use up her allotment of bad luck in life, but who knew that she would still run into Anya, who was shaping up to be Tina Gray 2.0.

She was starting to wonder if she had somehow been born a magnet for heinous people. Why were there so many despicable people around her?

Of course, she had to be a magnet for kind people as well. After all, were there not many people around her who lent her a helping hand?

The more she thought about it, the happier she felt, and she had a faint smile on her face.

However, in Anya’s eyes, it was a taunting smile that was mocking her. Sonia was laughing at her own stupidity for offending the only people who might have helped her.

But so what if she had offended them all?

How dared Sonia at her?!

“Stop that. Don’t you dare laugh at me! Don’t you dare!” Anya stirred into a frenzy and hollered at Sonia with a vicious tone as she glared at her with venomous eyes.

Sonia’s smirk reminded Anya of those few months she had suffered under that person. That person spoke to her scornfully and treated her derisively. She had been humiliated, and her pride trampled into the ground, so she despised anyone who treated her in the same way. Sonia’s mocking only served to strike a painful chord in her.

As for Sonia, she had not anticipated Anya’s blow-up at all. The madness in Anya’s eyes was pretty scary, but Sonia was not afraid of her. Anya was handcuffed to her wheelchair, and no matter how hard Anya trashed about, it was impossible for her to even get out of the wheelchair. Therefore, no matter how scary Anya seemed to be, there was nothing for Sonia to be afraid of. She was merely puzzled by Anya’s explosive reaction.

“What’s the matter? Is there something wrong with my smile? Why should I stop smiling?” Sonia responded coolly.

Toby had not said anything, but he was deep in thought as he observed Anya.

Anya glared at Sonia and announced through gritted teeth, “I forbid you to smile! No one is allowed to smile like that in front of me!”

“No one?” Sonia narrowed her eyes. “And just who might you be, bigshot? Who are you to set the rules for whether or not a person can smile in front of you? Hah. So what if I want to smile? What can you do about it?”

As Sonia spoke, she moved closer to Anya and flashed Anya a brilliant grin to rile her up. Even without Anya misconstruing anything, it was obvious to everyone that this grin was full of condescension and derision.

Indeed, right at this moment, Sonia felt nothing but condescension and derision toward Anya.

It was important for people to have self-awareness, but Anya did not. She even tried to be all high and mighty, demanding that other people lived by her rules.

Hah! She has zero self-awareness. If she’s so great, then why doesn’t she just snap her fingers to get her way?

Sonia rolled her eyes at Anya. This was the exact reason why Sonia felt nothing but condescension and derision toward her.

Meanwhile, Toby was very amused as he watched how Sonia continued to toy with Anya. She was like a predator teasing its prey. There was a gentle smile on his face that was full of adoration, but he looked a little thoughtful as well.

Toby knew that Sonia was not the kind of person who would kick a dog when it was down, or tease others this way. Even if it were her enemy, she would still choose not to stoop to their level.

It had been the case with Jessica. Once Sonia had gotten her revenge against Jessica, she left Jessica to rot in prison without sparing her a second look. Sonia had never done this to anyone before, and she was going so far as to mock Anya time and time again.

He could not figure out why she was behaving so differently this time. However, Toby assumed that she was doing it because she truly despised Anya, and he was willing to support anything she did as long as it did not put her in a dangerous situation. In fact, he was rather enjoying how lively she looked right now as she continued to toy with Anya.

Therefore, he fully supported whatever she wanted to do.

In any case, Anya was no saint either. If Sonia had fun teasing her, then at least there was some value to Anya’s existence. Toby crossed his legs and settled into a comfortable position. There was the barest hint of a smile on his face, and he looked like a king who was surveying his court.

However, his eyes alight as he stared at Sonia.

Sonia seemed to have noticed the adoring eyes that were fixed upon her. She turned back and smiled at Toby to let him know that she was still aware of his presence in the room. She had not forgotten about him in the midst of her fooling around with Anya.

After all, she was fully aware of just how much of a green-eyed monster he was. It did not matter if it were men or women, he would still stew in jealousy if she paid anyone else too much attention.

True enough, when Toby saw Sonia turning around to look at him, his heart began singing with glee.

Sonia could almost envision a fluffy tail sticking out from behind him and wagging about excitedly. Toby acted like a giant puppy sometimes. She laughed and shook her head before turning back to Anya.

Anya could not care less about the couple’s flirtatious interaction. Or to be more specific, Sonia’s taunting was like a knife that wedged deeply into her heart, so what was a little flirting in comparison to that?

“Sonia Reed! Sonia Reed!” Anya’s hands were twisted together as she shrieked Sonia’s name.

Sonia picked up on the intense hatred in Anya’s voice, and her smile slowly faded into an emotionless expression.

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