This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 875

Chapter 875 The Enmity Between Us

“You really despise me, huh.” There was not a shred of emotion in Sonia’s voice.

Toby was also frowning in displeasure at Anya’s display of hatred toward Sonia. It was a shockingly deep-seated hate. Anyone who did not know the truth about the situation between them would have thought that Sonia had done a great wrong against Anya, such as killing her parents. Otherwise, it was impossible for Anya to feel such abhorrence toward Sonia over the two times that they had clashed with one another.

Truth be told, the enmity between Sonia and Anya was not quite earth-shattering, but it was still a serious matter. It was within reason for Anya to hate Sonia for sending her to prison, but it should not be such an all-consuming hatred. The way Anya acted made it seem like she and Sonia were mortal enemies.

They hardly knew each other, and Sonia held no such grudge against Anya either, so why did Anya feel such an intense loathing toward Sonia? Was it merely because of Anya’s own personality that amplified her hatred, or was there some other reason?

Toby narrowed his eyes and stared at Anya with an indecipherable expression.

However, Sonia did not notice the change in Toby’s expression. She kept her gaze even as she looked into Anya’s loathsome eyes, and she sneered. “Look at you now. You’re brimming with hatred and you look like you’re going to tear me to pieces! But I don’t get it. What gives you the right to hate me?”

Sonia reached out to grasp Anya’s jaw again before jerking her head upward to stare right into her eyes. “In the past, we never met before. If it hadn’t been for the fact that you jumped out in front of my lover’s car, then we never would have met either, and we would have had nothing to do with each other.”

When Toby heard the word ‘lover’ come out of Sonia’s mouth, he immediately jumped with glee. He sat up straight and began to gloat.

It was something that he had to gloat about! Sonia had never introduced him to anyone else ever since they got back together. Even though most people already knew about their relationship, having a proper introduction still made a difference. This was the first time that she openly declared their relationship, and she even used the word ‘lover’ instead of ‘boyfriend’.

Lover was a lot more intimate than boyfriend. Toby could not hide his smile as he dwelled on this thought.

However, both Sonia and Anya had no clue about the thoughts that were running amok in Toby’s head. They continued staring at one another. Sonia gripped a little harder, and instantly, Anya felt a stinging pain on her face.

Sonia was not at all concerned about Anya’s wellbeing. She clutched Anya’s jaw tightly and said, “When we first met, you tried to steal my man away from me. I demanded that you apologize, but you made a huge fuss about it and your apology was full of snide contempt. Did you think I hadn’t noticed that? Of course I did. I just chose to ignore it since we weren’t going to run into each other ever again. I’ve always had a soft heart and would rather avoid conflict.”

Having said that, Sonia gripped even harder. Anya gasped in pain as her eyes began to tear up.

Anya was panicking now, and she struggled as hard as she could as she cried out, “Sonia Reed, you let go right this instant! Stop pinching my chin, you’re going to bend it out of shape!”

Sonia was stunned by Anya’s words before she recalled the fact that Anya had gotten plastic surgery all over her body. The amount of strength she used just now was enough to make Anya’s chin fillers move out of its place.

She thought about removing her hand, but Toby drawled coldly, “Ignore her. Who cares if it gets bent out of shape? It’s not like we can’t afford to pay for her to get it again.”

Sonia cocked her eyebrows and glanced at Anya’s petrified expression before laughing. “You’re right. We can just pay for it.”

Since money was not a problem, there was no reason for her to worry about it. She had long been itching to teach this woman a lesson. This feeling had begun ever since Anya showed up in Toby’s hospital room in an attempt to rile her up and steal Toby away from her. At the time, she figured that it was the first time that she had met Anya, so she did not push things too far and swallowed her anger.

Who would have thought that Anya could be this shameless? Yesterday, at the boutique, she had brazenly tried to buy Sonia’s gown, and when that failed, she decided to hire someone to destroy the gown instead.

Anya’s actions thoroughly incensed Sonia, and this was why Sonia did not hesitate to give Anya a tight slap across the face. Apart from Tina, Anya was the craziest woman that Sonia had ever met. In fact, that slap had barely even begun to appease her anger. Sonia was tempted to abandon all pretense and beat up Anya for the sake of venting her fury.

But they were in a police station, so she could not be so unruly. Furthermore, if she did end up hurting Anya, then she would have to face the consequences for her actions as well. Still, if she did nothing, then she would explode from all her pent-up rage. Therefore, she could only rely on these ploys to release a little bit of her anger.

She used little tricks such as toying with Anya, ridiculing Anya, and using words to crush Anya’s soul and mental state. The only physical thing she did was to pinch Anya’s jaw. This was the only way she could take her rage out on Anya without leaving any visible wounds that would get her in trouble with the law.

Once again, Sonia pinched Anya’s jaw a little harder. Her perfectly-manicured nails dug into Anya’s flesh and left little indents on Anya’s face. “Did you hear that? We’ll pay for it, so we won’t care about how bent out of shape your chin gets.”

“You guys…” Anya’s eyes grew wide in disbelief as she had never thought that they would be this callous.

Sonia pursed her lips. “What about us? Your hatred for me is clear for all to see, so why do you think that we’d give a d**n about you? Just how audacious are you?”

She chuckled and added, “Oh, right. You’re pretty audacious. We’ve only met twice, but the first time we did, you tried to steal my man, and the second time, you tried to steal my gown. When that failed, you even hired someone to destroy the gown. You were the one who came and picked a fight with me both times, so I really don’t get it. What gives you, Anya Steinfeld, the right to hate me? What gives you the audacity to hate me?”

As soon as Sonia said that, she started to pat Anya’s cheek. It was obvious that she was doing it to humiliate Anya.

Toby had been right about her. She was not someone who would kick a dog while it was down, and she would not go about humiliating others when they were suffering, not even her enemies. In her mind, since they had lost to her, she had no reason to waste any more of her precious time on them.

Yet this approach failed when it came to Anya. Anya was scum, and Sonia could not hold back anymore. Anya was appalling enough that Sonia ended up going against her own principles.

What gives me the right?

What gives me the audacity?

Anya sneered and glared at Sonia with bloodshot eyes. “Do you really think that the enmity between us is all because of our conflict in those two encounters?”

Sonia’s expression turned serious. “What do you mean?”

At the same time, Toby also leaned forward and stared at Anya.

However, Anya started to cackle, and she cackled so hard that she was beginning to tear up. “Are you dying to know? Well, I’m not telling you anything! You can take your time to try and find out for yourself.”

“……” Sonia kept quiet and stared at Anya evenly.

Anya squirmed under Sonia’s emotionless stare and stopped laughing, but then she muttered, “I won’t break no matter what you do. Even if I died, I still wouldn’t tell you.”

When Sonia found out the truth, she would drown in despair! Anya began to light up in excitement as she imagined how hopeless Sonia would be when that happened.

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