This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 876

Chapter 876 Mentally Ill

Anya looked like a raving lunatic who was having a psychotic episode, and it was a ghastly sight to behold.

Sonia quickly stepped away just in case Anya tried to hurt her. At the same time, Toby leapt forward and supported her from behind. He was afraid that she might slip and fall, or perhaps knock into something as she stepped backward. If that happened, then he would probably be even more upset about it than she would.

“Here, wipe with this.” Toby took out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Sonia. He pointed at her hand that had been clutching Anya’s jaw just a few moments ago.

Sonia grinned at him. “We really do think alike! I was just about to look for something to clean my hands with.”

She was about to rummage around her purse for a tissue, but Toby beat her to it by giving her his handkerchief.

Toby chuckled at her words. “If we think alike, then it means we’re meant to be together. You don’t even have to tell me what you want. With just one look, or a simple gesture, I’ll be able to tell what you’re thinking of, and what your heart desires.”

He would fulfill every single wish she had.

Sonia was deeply moved by Toby’s words. Once she was done cleaning her hands, she put the handkerchief away and pulled him into a warm hug. Toby froze for a second, but soon he smiled and wrapped his arms around her as well.

They were being very affectionate in front of Anya. If it had been any other time, Anya would have had a conniption by now, but she was currently out of her senses. Anya was still in a frenzied state and laughing maniacally as she babbled on and on. Neither Sonia nor Toby could understand what Anya was saying, as she spoke too fast and the words were incomprehensible. In any case, Anya really looked like she was mentally ill right now.

Sonia pulled away from Toby and frowned. She said solemnly, “It doesn’t look like she’s putting on an act.”

Toby hummed in agreement. To his eyes, it did not seem like Anya was acting either.

Sonia pursed her lips and continued, “She started having an episode after saying that the enmity between us was more than just those two times we clashed. What do you think she’s talking about? Do we have some sort of grudge or feud between us that I don’t know about? But I’ve never met her before in the past.”

Toby gave Sonia a comforting look. “Don’t think about it. She looks like she’s not well in the head right now, so it might just be her own hallucinations.”

Sonia nodded along. “It could be, but I never would’ve expected that she’d become so unstable.”

She glanced at Anya, who was still rather hysterical, and noted, “Perhaps she went through something.”

“Well, whatever it is that she’s gone through, it’s still none of our business. We’re not going to get anything out of her in her present state, so let’s leave.” Toby gently squeezed Sonia’s hand.

She nodded in agreement and followed him to the door. However, she paused when they reached the exit.

When Toby noticed that she had stopped, he paused as well and turned to her. “Is something the matter?”

Sonia shook her head, but turned back to take another look at Anya. Right now, Anya’s head was lowered and her eyes were glassy, but she was still muttering under her breath and occasionally letting out a delirious laugh. It was quite a chilling sight.

Toby narrowed his eyes in disgust at the sight of Anya, and he reached out to make Sonia face the front again. “That’s enough now. There’s nothing more to see, so don’t dirty your eyes with that unpleasant sight.”

Sonia chuckled. “I’ve never seen someone in such a frenzied state before. I’m a little curious, so I wanted to take a closer look.”

“Who said that you’ve never seen someone like that before?”

“I have?” Sonia was a little confused. “When? Why am I not aware of it?”

By now, Toby had pulled her out of the interrogation room. “Isn’t Carl Lee like that as well?”

“……” Sonia choked slightly and helplessly corrected Toby, “Of course not. Carl has dissociative identity disorder, but he’s not mentally ill.”

“Dissociative identity disorder is a type of mental disorder, so in that sense, he is considered mentally ill,” Toby lectured her seriously.

Sonia rolled her eyes and refused to continue this line of conversation, but now that she thought Carl, she was starting to get a little worried about him. She had not seen him for many months now. The last time that she spoke to Carl on the phone, she recognized that it was not the main personality or “host” who was in control, but instead, it was the alternate personality. It had been quite some time now, and she wondered if Carl had regained control yet.

The answer was most likely no. The fact that she had not heard from Rebecca as well made it obvious. Also, If Carl had regained control of his body, then he would have reached out to her by now.

“What are you thinking about?” Toby stopped in front of her and asked in concern. He had noticed that Sonia had slowed down her pace, and she seemed to be deep in thought.

Sonia massaged her temples and said, “Just thinking about Carl.”

Instantly, Toby got miffed. “What’s there to think about?”

Sonia was amused by his reaction. “You’re the one who brought him up in the first place. If you hadn’t, then I wouldn’t have recalled that it’s been a long time since I’ve spoken to Carl.”

“……” Toby opened his mouth, but soon closed it again. Right, he was indeed the one who brought it up. Had he dug a hole for himself?

Toby’s expression turned sour.

Sonia took one look at his grim face and laughed. “Okay, okay, don’t pout. I won’t bring him up again. Come, let’s go meet that attorney, Mr. Woolley.”

She smoothly changed the topic. Once she did that, Toby’s grim expression slowly faded back to normal. He knew that she was letting it slide, so naturally, he followed suit.

When Toby and Sonia returned to the lobby, they saw Anya’s legal representative still there. He was engaged in a discussion on the phone.

Sonia picked up on the courteous and flattering tone of voice that he was using, but she did not see the same in his expression at all. It was obvious that the attorney was simply pretending to show respect for the person he was talking to, but did not actually consider that person worthy.

The attorney—Mr. Woolley—seemed to have noticed that someone was observing him, and when he looked up, he met Sonia’s gaze.

She had not expected him to be so alert, so she was taken by surprise when he caught her gaze. However, it was not a big deal, so she smiled and nodded politely toward him. She was not flustered at all since she was doing it openly anyway, and she had no reason to hide or feel embarrassed. It was not something to be ashamed of either.

When the attorney noticed Sonia’s greeting, he did not return it immediately. First, he glanced at Toby, who was standing beside her. Toby had a neutral expression, but it did not seem like he was upset. Once the attorney confirmed Toby’s reaction, he gave a tiny sigh of relief and flashed a polite smile back at Sonia.

“Come on, let’s sit over there. He’ll come over soon enough.” Toby held Sonia’s hand and gestured toward the couch nearby.

As Sonia walked with him, she teased, “So you’re not jealous anymore, huh?”

Sonia was certain that Toby knew she had been scrutinizing Mr. Woolley, and had even smiled at him. Surprisingly, Toby did not have a negative reaction toward that. It was rather unexpected, as he was a petty green-eyed monster who would get jealous at the tiniest sign of her paying attention to anyone else. Therefore, she was very curious about his indifference this time.

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