This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 879

Chapter 879 Do Not Leave Any Weaknesses Behind

He would rather Carl stay unconscious forever.

Although that was what he thought, he wouldn’t use these to lie to her because it wasn’t necessary.

“I see.” Sonia’s gaze dimmed and she wasn’t doubtful of what Toby said at all.

The rate of success is not high, huh… Well, it makes sense since Carl would have already regained his consciousness if the rate of success was higher. I don’t think that Rebecca wouldn’t have gotten a doctor to check on Carl as they’re on his side instead of Lucius, so does it really mean that Carl will remain unconscious forever?

It seemed like Toby had figured out what was on Sonia’s mind as he reached out and guided her head to lean on his shoulder while consoling her gently. “Don’t worry about it. Although the doctor can’t get Carl to wake up, there are still other ways to help him.”

Hearing that, Sonia’s eyes immediately brightened. “Are there ways to help Carl to regain control over his body?”

He nodded. “According to Miles, there are cases where the main personality manages to get their body back and all of the cases bear a similarity.”

“What kind of similarity?” Sonia grabbed Toby by his sleeve and urged.

She was willing to give it a try if there was a chance that Carl could regain his consciousness.

“A miracle,” Toby stared at Sonia before he said slowly.

She was dumbfounded. “What? A miracle?”

It was obvious that she wasn’t expecting the similarity to be a miracle.

Toby nodded. “That’s right, a miracle. Miles said that those people in these cases are often triggered or influenced by something or someone, which subconsciously gets the main personality to regain consciousness, and that’s the miracle. As long as we can find a reason to get Carl to wake up willingly, he will.”

As for the trigger, he knew that it was definitely Little Leaf. If Little Leaf tells Carl that she’s willing to get into a relationship with him, wouldn’t that trigger him to fight for his body’s ownership? Of course. Still, I’ll never let her do that.

He stared at Sonia intently, and his gaze was knowing.

Truthfully, Sonia also came to a realization that she could be the trigger to the miracle of Carl regaining his consciousness. However, her excitement died down because she realized that she couldn’t do it.

One could call her out for being hypocritical, but she just couldn’t do it because she would really become a hypocrite for doing so.

Sonia couldn’t do that to Toby, or even herself and Carl.

She only viewed Carl as a little brother, and being together with him would bring nothing but pain and suffering to the both of them.

Carl was an anxious, insecure and depressed child. Due to that, a long-term emotional entrapment would only cause him to get more out of control. By then, he might even produce more alternate personalities and things would be even worse by then.

At the thought of that, Sonia sighed before placing her hand on Toby’s back and smiled forcefully. “Alright. Don’t worry, I won’t do something like that. Even though I want Carl to wake up, I’ll only go through with it if it’s the best for everyone. I can’t just disregard our future just to get Carl to regain his consciousness, right?”

After her reassurance, Toby’s tense face relaxed immediately, and his gaze on her became gentle again as he planted a kiss on her forehead. “It’s good to know that you think so too.”

He was worried that Sonia might do something foolish to get Carl to wake up just because she was too soft-hearted.

Fortunately, she was still rational.

Meanwhile, Oscar was confused after overhearing Toby and Sonia’s conversation.

What are they talking about? The ownership of the body? Alternate personalities? Am I missing something? Are they saying that Mr. Hayes has split personality disorder, and the current Mr. Hayes is not his main personality?

As he pondered on those questions, Sonia suddenly asked, “By the way, Mr. Woolley, how’s Carl’s injury right now? Is it really serious?”

Although Carl’s persona had been taken over by Lucius now, they still shared the same body.

While Sonia didn’t know if Carl would recover in the future, she still wished that his body wasn’t injured in any way. If something had happened to his body, how can Carl deal with that knowledge if and when he wakes up?

Toby gave Sonia a look. Even though he knew what was going on in Sonia’s mind, he didn’t try to persuade her to stop worrying about Carl this time because he knew that she could already differentiate between Lucius and Carl and that she was just worried about their body.

It was already enough that she could differentiate that.

Toby wouldn’t go to the extreme of getting jealous over a body.

On the other hand, Oscar adjusted his glasses before replying, “I heard the people in my field saying that Mr. Lucius hurt his dominant arm, and it seemed like it was serious because he won’t be able to heal without resting for half a year.”


Sonia’s breath hitched. “Won’t be able to heal without resting for half a year…”

That’s way more serious than Toby’s arm injury. Toby was able to remove his arm cast after two months for minor movements, and he’s already almost healed after three months, but Carl’s arm actually needs more than six months to heal! It doesn’t usually take that long unless a bone is broken.

“How did he injure himself?” Toby suddenly asked. “Is anywhere else injured other than his arm?”

After thinking for a while, Oscar answered, “I heard that he was injured by a wheelbarrow.”

“His arm was crushed by a wheelbarrow?” A puzzled expression appeared on Sonia’s face. “What kind of wheelbarrow was it? How could Carl possibly get injured by it?”

This was a really odd way of injuring oneself and she couldn’t help but wonder about it.

“I’m not really sure about the details of what happened. I only heard that Carl was pushed to the ground on his way back from a bidding before a wheelbarrow carrying merchandise suddenly lost control and rolled over Mr. Lucius’ right arm. However, it was speculated that it was Mr. Salzburg’s revenge because Mr. Lucius snatched his land since it was impossible for a wheelbarrow that was pushed manually to lose control out of nowhere. Since Mr. Lucius injured his arm, he wouldn’t be able to sign with his hand, and the owner of the land definitely wouldn’t wait for his arm to heal for six months as they were in need of money. I heard that the Salzburg Family had already bought that land,” Oscar explained.

Sonia’s face darkened. A wheelbarrow filled with goods must have been extremely heavy. I can’t even imagine how painful it feels for something heavy to run over my arm, let alone how painful it was for Carl. Although the current Carl isn’t the Carl I know any longer, he’s still a part of Carl, and I can’t just stop worrying knowing that he’s injured.

“Lucius’ arm was injured after the bidding, and the land fell into the Salzburg Family’s hand again? Based on this series of unfortunate coincidence, Connor Salzburg definitely sounds extremely suspicious right now,” Toby rubbed his chin and commented.

Oscar nodded. “Exactly. That’s why everyone in Westsanshire is saying that Mr. Salzburg is behind this. However, no one could find any evidence proving it, and this includes Mr. Lucius as well. I heard that the issue was dropped after that despite everyone knowing that it was definitely Mr. Salzburg who was behind this. Besides, it wasn’t the first time that something so coincidental happened.”

“What do you mean?” Toby narrowed his eyes, and his eyes glinted darkly.

Oscar continued, “It’s true. Many people in Westsanshire claim that something bad will happen if someone tries to steal Mr. Salzburg’s business from him, and said business will surely go back to him. Although everyone knows that it was his doing, no one could find any evidence as he’s secretive and doesn’t leave any traces behind,” he shrugged and said with resignation.

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