This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 881

Chapter 881 The Worst Type of People

Just then, Toby tightened his grip on the steering wheel so much so that Sonia could see the veins on his hands popping up.

“Actually, my parents never slept with each other at all.” His statement caused Sonia to cover her mouth in shock. “Are you for real?”

“It’s true.” He nodded emotionlessly. “It was written in my mother’s diary. She used to have a habit of doing that. My mother never loved my father, so there was no way that she would have accepted him. My father was a prideful man, so he would never force her to do it as well. After they got married, one stayed in the master bedroom while the other stayed in a refurbished changing room, and nothing ever happened between them even though they lived together. This means that there was no way that I could have been conceived. However, they had a duty to produce an heir for the Fullers, so they secretly did in-vitro fertilization to have me.”

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“Seriously?” Sonia’s mouth fell open as her heart started racing.

It was obvious that she was stunned after hearing what Toby said.

“Does Grandma know about this?” she asked.

Toby shook his head. “She doesn’t. I wouldn’t even have known the way I was conceived if I hadn’t gone through my mother’s diary.”

Sonia placed her hand on top of Toby’s hand before giving him a look of heartache.

That was right. It was a look of heartache.

Toby wasn’t born as an evidence of love between his parents like other ordinary children, but due to duty.

It was like his arrival hadn’t been anticipated by his parents at all. Instead, he was just a tool created by his parents to accomplish a mission.

“Toby…” Sonia trailed off with a hoarse voice. Although she wanted to console him, she didn’t know where to start as she was worried that she might hurt him if she wasn’t being careful with what she said.

Knowing that she felt conflicted, Toby held her hand in his before he chuckled lowly. “It’s fine. Although I wasn’t conceived out of love, they were still responsible as parents. The way I was conceived didn’t affect their love for me. Instead, they really adored me, so I didn’t experience any lack of love during my childhood.”

Toby’s mother loved him when she was still alive. Even after her death, Jean’s arrival also provided him with motherly love.

Other than that, Toby’s father’s attitude toward him never changed even after remarrying, so Toby didn’t think that there was anything to feel sad about regarding the way he was conceived.

Noticing that Toby meant what he said instead of consoling her so that she wouldn’t worry about him, Sonia sighed in relief. “That’s good to know.”

She nodded before asking again, “She probably did that because of Connor, didn’t she?”

Toby’s mother probably wanted to remain abstinent for Connor.

Toby nodded. “Yes. She mentioned in her diary that she made a promise with Connor. After getting married to my father and conceiving an heir for the Fullers, she would find an excuse to divorce my father and get back together with Connor after the heir grew up and could understand that she wanted to be with the person she really loved. My mother told Connor that she would conceive the Fullers’ next inheritor through in-vitro fertilization and wouldn’t do anything intimate with my father. She practiced abstinence for him, and she hoped that he would do so as well.”

“Did Connor agree to it?” Sonia asked.

However, she quickly realized that her question was unnecessary.

How could Anya exist if Connor had agreed to it?

“In my mother’s diary, she wrote that Connor agreed to remain abstinent with her and waited till my mother left the Fuller Family so that they could get back together. I can still remember how happy my mother sounded in her diary, but…”

Toby’s facial expression suddenly darkened, and Sonia squeezed his hand. “Although he made a promise, he betrayed your mother and had Anya. That’s why you looked off and angry at the police station when you heard that Anya is his illegitimate daughter, and that she’s just three years younger than you.”

Toby did not deny Sonia’s statement, and there was a storm brewing in his gaze. “Yes. I’m furious because of that. My mother was abstinent for ten years because of him, but he already betrayed her three years after they made their promise. He had an illegitimate daughter and chose to hide her identity until now, and my mother died not knowing that the man she loved had already betrayed her a long time ago. It’s possible that he had betrayed her even earlier than that. In fact, he could have already betrayed her while they were together!”

Sonia didn’t know what to say.

It was true that there were many men who would cheat on their partners while showering them with sweet nothings.

To them, loving a woman and getting under the sheets with other women wasn’t a conflict in interest at all. In fact, there were also shameless ones who would make outrageous claims like, ‘I gave someone else my body, but I gave you my heart’.

The thought of that disgusted Sonia, and she was guessing that Connor was probably someone like this.

At that thought, a disgusted look flashed across her face. “I really feel bad for her. She will never know that the man she loved was actually a horrible man.”

There was no need to make such a promise with a woman if he couldn’t keep it, as it would only put him in a bad light.

Now, Sonia took back what she thought about Connor not having to practice abstinence for Toby’s mother after her marriage, because all she did was to remain abstinent for Connor so that she could present herself to him purely.

However, Connor was sleeping with other women despite the promise he made to Toby’s mother and ended up having an illegitimate daughter.

Sonia felt sorry for Toby’s mother.

Maybe that’s why she left this world so soon.

Initially, she couldn’t understand why Toby’s mother would even attempt suicide.

Although she was in love with Connor, she had broken up with him to get married to Toby’s father, so it was only natural for Connor to get married to other women.

It turned out that the two of them had actually made a promise with each other that was not known to outsiders.

While Toby’s mother kept the promise and was waiting to get divorced so that she could get back together with Connor, Connor had already betrayed her years ago and revealed that he was getting married when Toby’s mother was about to divorce Toby’s father.

How could Toby’s mother, who had been waiting to be reunited with Connor for such a long time, not break down when she received such devastating news?

Her everlasting conviction and persistence for ten years was destroyed single-handedly by the man that she loved, and that was why she took her own life.

At that moment, Toby’s mother probably had already realized that she had wasted ten years, and her feelings were merely a joke. Nevertheless, she couldn’t turn back time, nor could she bring herself to move forward. She could only choose to end her life in the end.

What a pitiful story.

At the thought of that, Sonia inhaled deeply, looking sad. “Connor indirectly caused your mother’s death, and he should be responsible for it. He shouldn’t have broken his promise to her. He betrayed her not once, but twice—the first for having Anya, his illegitimate daughter, and the second for getting married again. Although he canceled his engagement after your mother’s death, she won’t return anymore. He brought her hope but ended up destroying it himself. He—”

“He deserves death!” Toby cut her off and said with a hatred-filled voice.

Sonia hummed in acknowledgement. “You’re right. Men who play with women’s feelings are the worst.”

She didn’t know if Connor still had feelings for Toby’s mother, but even if he did, it only disgusted her.

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