This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 883

Chapter 883 Brazen Man

Sonia had a bad feeling about what was to come. “After all what?”

Toby chuckled and huddled closer to her. He nibbled on her earlobe, whispering, “After all, it makes you happy too. You won’t cut it off, right?”

Sonia felt her mind going blank all of a sudden, and her face was as red as an apple. Her eyes widened in shock and embarrassment, and she glared at Toby, who was smirking at her. She opened her mouth, but it was only after a while did she say, “Why you…”

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Is he hearing himself? I won’t cut it off because it makes me happy? It does not… Oh fine, it does bring me joy, but he doesn’t have to point it out. It’s such a private matter! This is going to ruin his reputation, but he doesn’t really care, does he? Point is, he’s a lot pervier than he usually is. Sonia took a deep breath and held her frustration down. She shot Toby a glare, chiding, “Shut up, will you?” She covered her beet-red face, knowing that she must look redder than an apple.

Toby was amused by the look on her face, and he laughed. The laugh seemed to come from his chest, and it sounded alluring. “Fine. I’m just telling you that there are things you should never say or think about, get it?”

Sonia averted her gaze. She was worried that her face would get even hotter if she faced him. “I won’t do anything if you don’t cheat on me.” She snorted. “But if you do, I might actually cut it off.” She made a snipping gesture with her fingers, though she was looking at the other side. If she faced him while she made that gesture, he might pin her down and rail her in the car.

Toby combed through her hair with his fingers. “Don’t worry. I will never cheat on you. You’re my only one for life.” He breathed into her ear.

“You’re so full of yourself.” She gave him a playful glare. Her whole body was already hot from the earlier conversation, and him breathing down her neck tickled her. She bobbed her head down, chuckling.

Her evading him so happily interested Toby, as if he found something fun. He huddled closer and kept breathing down her neck. Sometimes, he would even kiss or nibble on her neck. The sight of the hickey made him smile. He was apparently in a great mood, but that was not enough. One hickey was a rookie number. There was a large patch of skin for him to plant even more hickeys. I bet it’d look great if I plant my hickeys all over her. He squinted and extended his hand under Sonia’s seat, then he pushed a button.

Sonia felt herself moving downward on her seat, and the sudden sense of vertigo made her gasp in shock.

Toby covered her mouth. He said hoarsely, “Don’t worry, I just adjusted the seat a little. It’s fine. Just lie down.”

Sonia heaved a sigh of relief, and she eased up. Her heartbeat slowed, and she relaxed as she leaned back into the seat.

Toby leaned closer to her, touching her face and hair. The look in his eyes was a calm one, but there was a spark hiding in the deepest area of his gaze.

Sonia noticed that, and alarm bells rang in her head. Of course they would. She had seen that look in his eyes before, back when he railed her for days. He had that same look again, and he had adjusted her seat, and he was leaning on her. Of course she would suspect something. Sonia gulped, looking at him cautiously. “What are you doing, Toby?”

Toby squinted. “Don’t you think it’s exciting doing this in the car park, Little Leaf?”

Sonia’s jaw dropped. She was in a trance, feeling shocked. She thought he was only going to pin her down and give her a kiss, but his goal was bolder than she expected. Kissing in a public place like the car park was already unacceptable for her. She was worried that someone might bump into them and make things awkward. And now he wants to have s*x right here?

He’s a lot bolder than I thought. She took a deep breath and snapped out of it. Her racing heart was slowing down, and she puffed her cheeks. She hissed, “Are you mad, Toby? We’re in the car park! The car park!” She repeated the last part. “Don’t do anything stupid,” she reminded him.

Toby looked at her, and he gulped. “I know,” he said dismissively.

“Then get off me.” Sonia pushed him away, but he was too heavy, and the roof was right behind him. If she pushed him too hard, he might bump his head against the roof. The roof was a hard one, and it might hurt him. If they were in any other place, she would have shoved him away.

Toby did not get off like she asked. Instead he leaned down and touched her forehead with his, closing in on her. “Don’t worry. There isn’t anyone here.”

Sonia almost choked on herself. “Just because we’re alone now doesn’t mean that won’t change. Get off me, Toby. Don’t do anything stupid. If someone sees us, it’ll ruin our reputation. We’d be the b**t of everyone’s joke.”

Both of them were public figures. Even if they were not, two civilians having public s*x was newsworthy enough. If they were the ones who got caught, the media would have a field day with them. If someone were to catch them in the act, they would color the headlines of the next day’s news. Not only would they embarrass themselves, but they would also embarrass their companies and family.

The mere thought of that happening sent a chill down her spine.

Toby was a lot calmer compared to her, as if he was not worried about the consequences. He kissed her cheek, assuring her, “Don’t worry. It’ll be fine. The windows are made of one-way mirrors. Nobody can see through it from outside. Nothing will happen. Trust me.” He moved away from her cheek and started kissing her lips.

Sonia’s eyes widened in shock. Is he for real? I told him we’re in public space, and someone might come by! Someone might see us! Doesn’t he care about that? Does he really need to have s*x with me here? Is he confident that no one will find out about this? Wait. He doesn’t care even if we were found out, huh?

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