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No matter what the case was, Sonia had to stop him. She would not let him do this. He might not care about his reputation, but I care about mine. Her lips were sealed, and all she could do was make some muffled sounds as she tried to push him away.

The man could see nothing but l**t at the moment, and Sonia did not manage to shove him away. Instead, he thought she was flirting with her, so he held her tighter.

Sonia was starting to suffocate from the kiss. Her face was red, and her mind was a mush. She started losing strength, and eventually, her push had no resistance behind it. She was moving slower as well. Almost all her strength had left her, and she was starting to get into a trance. Apparently, Toby had managed to stoke her flames as well.

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S*x was an alluring affair after all. As long as someone was doing the goading, the other side would give in eventually. Slowly but surely, Sonia could not think straight anymore. She gave up resisting, and she had forgotten that they were still in the car park. She eased up, lying down and allowing Toby to hold her.

Toby noticed her reaction. He stopped the kiss for a moment, and a smile curled his lips. A moment later, the black Maybach started to rock. It looked eerie, especially paired with the fact that it was parked in a dimly-lit car park. Anyone who didn’t know better would think they had come across a paranormal encounter.

If Toby and Sonia were not up in each other’s business, they would have heard the sounds of footsteps approaching them. They were the sounds of heels and leather shoes. A young couple had exited the elevator and was walking into the carpark while holding each other. Suddenly, the young man saw something, and he stopped. “Holy s**t!” he exclaimed.

The young lady stopped as well, seeing that her partner was not moving an inch. “What’s wrong, honey?”

The man took a phone out and pointed at the rocking Maybach. “Honey, look at that!” he gushed.

The woman looked at where he was pointing. When she saw what was going on, her eyes widened in surprise. “Oh my god…”

“Hot d**n. I wonder who’s the couple. I’ve always wanted to do that. Man, I should learn from them.” The man rubbed his hands in excitement and walked over to the Maybach.

The woman asked, “What are you doing?”

“Taking a video. This is worthy of tomorrow’s headline. I’m not letting this slip through my fingers,” the man answered without even turning back.

His partner was more rational than he was, though. She looked at the man, then at the Maybach. She could not see the plate, but Maybachs were rare in this town. Worried that the man might get himself into trouble, she stomped her foot and trotted after him. “Don’t do anything stupid, honey.”

“I won’t. Don’t worry about it.” The man shrugged, capturing a video of the Maybach with his phone.

Sonia was exhausted. All her strength had left her after she had that intense s*x with Toby. Suddenly, she heard someone talking outside. Alarm bells rang in her head, and her face fell. She curled herself into the fetal position and tensed up. A chill ran down her spine, and beads of sweat formed on her forehead.

Someone’s here! Someone saw us, and they took photos! Oh no, oh no. This is so embarrassing. Sonia could already imagine how the headlines would go. ‘Shocking news. Paradigm’s CEO going at it with Fuller Group’s CEO in public. She is insatiable.’ She felt fear gripping her mind, and she almost fainted. Her heart was starting to race as well.

Toby felt her tensing up, and he squeezed her hand gently. “Relax, honey,” he said, his voice husky.

Sonia had no idea how hard she was making it for Toby, but she was in no mood to care. What she cared about was the people outside. She turned around and saw the young couple standing outside. Even though she knew they could not see her, the fact that she was naked still embarrassed her. It was as if the window was covering nothing; as if the people outside could still see her.

When the man started recording, all the color faded from her face. “What should we do? Someone’s taking pictures of us,” she whispered, grabbing Toby’s arm for assurance. Her voice, however, sounded nervous, and she was almost sobbing. Why did he have to do it here? Why did he have to seduce me? And why did I actually fall for it? It was just a kiss, but I ended up having s*x with him just like that.

Toby noticed her tears. He let her go and wiped the tear off the corner of her eye, then put his hand near his lips and licked the tear off his finger. Toby looked at the young couple coldly, and he assured, “Don’t worry. It’s fine. They can’t see or hear us, and they won’t do anything either. Even if they did record us, they won’t post it online. In fact, they would delete it immediately and pretend that nothing has happened.”

“Really?” Sonia looked flabbergasted.

Toby was just about to answer, but the woman outside was faster. The look on her face changed, as if she just saw something terrifying. She gasped in horror, and her face paled. The woman grabbed the man’s arm, shouting frantically, “Alright, stop it!” She snatched the phone from him straight away and deleted the video he just recorded.

The man roared, “What are you doing? Are you mad?” He snatched his phone back and checked the video he just recorded. Maybe I can salvage it. However, when he realized that everything he caught on video was deleted, he shot the woman a glare. “Are you out of your mind? What is wrong with you? Why did you delete it? Give me a good reason or I’m breaking up with you!”

The woman was angered by the look her boyfriend was giving her. “You want to break up with me? I just saved you, you know that?”

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