This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 885

Chapter 885 Saving Your Life

“What do you mean you saved me?” The man chortled dismissively. “I’m not in danger, so what are you saving me from?”

The woman felt like slapping her stupid boyfriend. “I’m saving you from your own stupidity!” She was trembling from rage. “The people in there are gonna get mad at you, you know.”

The man waved her off, laughing. “So what? I’m right here. What can they do? Beat me up? Not like they would do it anyway.” He gave the car window a disdainful look.

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Sonia met his gaze, and she tensed up. For some reason, she felt that the man could see her. Even though Toby had guaranteed that would never happen, she still felt nervous. After all, she could see them, which made her feel as if they could see her. That thought alone made her feel embarrassed.

Her tensing up put Toby in a hard situation again. He was already feeling better after Sonia had relaxed, but she was shocked when the man closed in, and it plunged Toby back into a world of pain. Just you wait. When I get out of here, I will end you. Toby squinted at the couple outside, the look in his eyes dark and evil.

The man was inches away from the car, and he shuddered for some reason. Why do I feel like someone is looking at me? Am I mistaken?

The woman did not feel that gaze, but her boyfriend’s provocative gesture made her gasp in horror. She almost blacked out, but she held on and took a deep breath. She held her fear down, then pulled the man’s ear. “Open your eyes and look closely, you idiot! Don’t drag me down with you, you dumbass!” She pulled him by the ear and headed to the back of the Maybach.

The man struggled in pain, shouting, “Are you mad? Stop pulling my ear, you—”

Before he could finish, the woman pushed his head closer to the car plate. “Open your eyes and look closely. You recognize this car plate, don’t you?”

The man was shoved to the car plate all of a sudden, and he could see the plate number in its full glory. He might be a frivolous guy, but he was no fool. Of course he recognized the plate number and what it meant. Horrified, he stood up and backed away quickly. “Holy s**t…” The man stared at the car plate, his jaw open. He was in too much of a shock to form a sentence. “I-If this kind of car is here, then the people inside must be…”

The man looked at the car in horror. He could not see what was happening inside, but that was all the more reason he felt terrified. He had no idea which one of the A-lister was in there, but no matter who they were, they were out of his league.

The car was not shaking anymore. Obviously, the people inside knew that they were there. They had probably seen their every move and heard everything they said. Are they going to hunt us down now? The man gulped, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He had a look of fear on his face, and he slowly turned to look at the woman beside him. “What should we do, honey?”

The woman bit her lip and gave the man an angry look. “I don’t know. This is all your fault. You just had to record it, and now see what that got us!” The woman was starting to tear up from fear of what might happen.

The man backed off a little, muttering, “I-I had no idea someone like this would be here.” They would not be scared if the car’s owner was a homeowner at Bayside Residence, since everyone here was about the same in terms of social hierarchy.

The woman stomped her foot out of frustration when she heard what he said, but she had no idea what to say either.

Seafield was one of the most globalized cities in the nation, and its land cost a pretty penny. A lot of rich and powerful people took residence here. Bayside Residence was not the top-of-the-line place here, but it still was an expensive condominium complex. Not everyone was uber rich, but they were richer than most people. The couple knew and saw a lot more than civilians, so they knew what a car plate like that meant.

The top dogs in Seafield had special car plates, especially the elite of the elite. The numbers on their car plates were usually made up of a single number. She had no idea who owned the car that had a car plate with four nines on it, but she knew he was one of the top dogs. If they were to upload that video, they would be dead by the next morning. It would be too easy for people like the top dogs to kill someone off.

Fear was starting to drown her, and she started shivering. Fortunately, she was more rational and meticulous than her boyfriend, as she did notice the car plate first after all. She bit her lip and clenched her fists. In the end, she led her boyfriend to the front passenger car door. “Just apologize for now. No matter what happens, that’s the right move.” Maybe they’ll let us go if we say sorry.

The man thought she had a point, so they bowed deeply to apologize. It was a standard bow, and they seemed genuine. They quickly said sorry and begged for forgiveness. They said they had deleted the video and that it would not make its way online.

Toby was feeling really bad at the moment. Beads of sweat were pouring down his head, but Sonia just would not relax. He knew that she would never ease up if the couple outside did not leave. He took a deep breath to hold his anger down, then he pushed down on a button.

Sonia heard a sound over her head. She looked up and blanched when she saw the panel of the sunroof moving back. Is he mad? Why is he opening the sunroof? Yeah, it’s just a crack, but they might jump up and look down into the car. Wracked by her nerves, Sonia buried her nails into Toby’s arm.

Just when she was about to tell Toby to close the roof, he roared, “Scram!” His voice sounded husky and in pain.

The couple shuddered. He’s letting us go for now. They looked at each other and ran off like their lives depended on it.

Toby closed the sunroof after they left. He looked down at Sonia, who was still nervous, and he caressed her face. He assured her, “They’re gone now. Calm down.”

Color came back to her face, and Sonia blushed. She shot Toby an angry glare. “You deserve it. I told you someone would come by, but you just wouldn’t listen. You wanted to do it, and see what that got us into.” She could feel her heart almost jumping out of her chest earlier. This is all his fault! Despite what she was thinking, Sonia still slowly relaxed herself so that Toby would not be in pain anymore. If she did not do that, he would hold it against her the next time they did this. Hey, what am I even thinking about?

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