This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 886

Chapter 886 Audacious

I won’t let him use that against me, and so what if he’s feeling squirmish? He deserves it, Sonia thought bashfully.

Toby had no idea what she was thinking. Once he felt her easing up, he heaved a sigh of relief. The feeling earlier had subsided, and he moved around, smiling at her. “I told you nothing would happen. Did you hear them? They’re terrified of me. They wouldn’t want to cross me.”

Sonia pursed her lips.”You knew how they would react even if we were found out?”

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Toby did not answer.

Surprise flashed in Sonia’s eyes. “How did you know?” She was curious. The couple did not know who the people in the car were, so it was surprising that they were struck by fear all of a sudden. On top of that, they deleted the footage and apologized despite not even having seen them.

Toby thought her flabbergasted look was adorable. He kissed the corner of her eyes and explained, “The car plate.”

“The car plate?” Sonia asked.

“Yes. Everyone in Bayside Residence is in the upper echelon of society, so they know a lot more compared to most people. They know all the top dogs in Seafield have special car plates, and I’m one of the top dogs. They saw the number on my car plate and knew I’m not to be trifled with, so they apologized.”

“I see.” Sonia smacked her forehead. “I forgot about that.”

She never expected the day would come where she would have s*x with a guy in a car park. If someone told her she would do this eventually, she would have laughed at them. Something like this would never have happened in the past. This was the first time she let herself go and did something she had never thought about doing. It was exciting, but it terrified her. If someone caught them, it would be embarrassing.

She could not think straight when someone approached the car just now, and she forgot that the car plate alone was enough to ward off any curious bypassers. Hey, this is not fair. We’re both involved here. Why am I the only one who’s scared, while he can be the cool guy? What if someone uploads the video without knowing what the car plate number means? Someone might search the number and find out that it’s us. She gave him a curious look.

She wore her heart on her sleeve, and Toby saw right through her. He touched her forehead with his. “Even if they uploaded the video without knowing anything, someone at the platform knows. Even if they don’t, there’s a safety mechanism tied to the car plate. It’s secure, and nobody without clearance can find anything about it. You’re worried for nothing.”

Sonia looked up at him. “No wonder you wanted to do it here. You knew what would happen. You know we’d be fine even if we were found out.”

Toby said nothing, much to Sonia’s chagrin. Why didn’t he tell me about it if he knows that? Is it that fun seeing me scared? Wait! What am I thinking? The corner of Sonia’s lips twitched. Why do I want him to tell me sooner? That makes me sound like I want to do it here. No, I don’t! I’m a decent woman! I’m only in this situation because he seduced me! I never wanted this! No, sir! Sonia thought nervously, her face red.

Toby noticed her spacing out and shifting her attention away from him. He squinted and thrusted into her.

Sonia’s eyes widened, and she let out a moan, though she covered her mouth right away. She also shot him a glare of annoyance. He did that on purpose! Just because I stopped halfway through. I know telling a man to stop before he has his release is going to kill the mood, but I did it for us.

This is not something to be proud of after all. Even if nobody could see who they were, and even if they would never cross them because they knew how powerful they were, doing it in public still felt awkward. She felt like she was performing in front of everyone, and it embarrassed her. Why doesn’t he feel embarrassed? Oh wait. He suggested this and went for it without thinking twice. Of course he doesn’t mind. He’s indecent.

Toby noticed her spacing out again, and he frowned, then he bit her lip.

It was not painful, though it was enough to make her snap out of it.

Toby was breathing heavily, sounding sexier than ever. “Spacing out during s*x is disrespectful to me, you know? You spacing out makes me feel like I’m not giving it my all. Maybe I should go harder.”

Sonia dug her nails into his shoulders, sinking into his flesh. Toby, you b*****d!”

Toby smiled. “I’ll go slower. Focus on me and I’ll finish sooner.”

He did not finish sooner. Time passed, and about an eternity later, Toby finally stopped. She felt exhausted. It was like she had turned into a pile of mush. She leaned back into the chair, unwilling to move even a muscle. All her strength had left her.

Toby was not someone who would dump her after he was done though. After he put his clothes back on, he started cleaning Sonia up. There was no water around, so a full cleanup was impossible. Toby only wore a suit and nothing inside, since he used his black shirt to wipe Sonia clean.

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