This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 887

Chapter 887 Grumbling Tom

Sonia felt like laughing when she saw him using his black shirt as a towel, but she could not even chuckle. She had no strength for that, so she only smiled a little.

Toby noticed that. “Why are you laughing?” he asked.

“Just thinking that I’m a really lucky girl. A company president worth billions is serving me like I’m his master, and he’s even using a shirt worth a few ten thousand as a towel. Of course I feel happy.” She looked at him.

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Toby was only wearing his suit, and there were only two to three buttons, all of which were located under the chest. She could see his naked chest and perfectly-toned muscles. He was radiating and glistening with sweat after all that s*x earlier, but it did not make him look ugly. Instead, he seemed primal and alluring.

Sonia thought she was a whole lot stronger, mentally speaking. At least she would no longer blush every time she saw a naked part of Toby’s body, nor would she turn away the moment she saw it. Now, she could enjoy the view and allow him to clean her up. It would have been impossible in the past, but not now.

She had no strength to move, but she did not want to feel sticky and slimy either, so she allowed him to clean her up. He was still energetic and strong. Besides, it was great having a billionaire fussing over her. At least her ego was stroked. Besides, he had seen her naked and gone even further than that before. There was no need to feel embarrassed. Well, whatever.

Toby gently cleaned the stains off her. “It’s my honor to serve you, and I don’t feel unfair. I feel proud. I can do this all my life. If you’d like, I can buy some towels that cost the same as the shirt for this job.”

“No!” Sonia mustered all her strength to raise her hand. “I’m fine with you doing this all your life, but don’t use that kind of towel. They cost a fortune.” That’s just unnecessary.

Toby saw the look on her face, and he smiled. “Of course.”

Using his shirt was the same thing anyway, and he preferred using the shirt compared to a towel. Cleaning her off with his shirt made him feel hot. He started to tighten his grip on the shirt, as if he was holding something in. A moment later, he heaved a sigh and held the urge down. I can’t go another round, or it would break her.

He massaged his temples and perished his sexual thoughts. He took the clothes on the driver’s seat and put them over Sonia. He loved helping her get into her clothes, especially when she was lying in his embrace. It melted his heart, and that helpless look of hers enticed him. Toby could have finished helping her in moments, but he dragged on and took advantage of her.

Sonia knew that, of course, but she was too tired to say anything. She could not even roll her eyes.

When he finally finished helping her get into her clothes, Toby cleaned the stains in the car. He made sure that there were no suspicious stains left before getting out of the car with Sonia in his arms, then he walked to the elevator.

Sonia leaned against his chest, her eyes closed. The thought of what happened over the last few hours made her feel embarrassed. She never would have thought that she would have s*x with Toby in public. That’s kind of an achievement, huh?

It was fortunate that the people here knew a lot of stuff, and that Toby was driving his usual car instead of a regular one. If he was in a regular car, then the car plate would have been a regular one as well. If they had s*x in that kind of car, the couple would have uploaded the video without fear or fervor. Once the public went through with the doxxing, their reputation would be ruined. Good thing nobody else passed by, or I would have to go through it a second time. She eventually loosened up, and the exhaustion caught up to her. Eventually, she leaned closer to his chest and fell asleep.

Toby noticed her taking deeper breaths than usual, and he looked down to find her asleep. He chuckled, holding her tighter as he quickened his pace into the elevator.

It was three in the afternoon when he came back to Bayside Residence. He put her on the bed and tucked her in. He wanted to wake her up and tell her to have lunch before she went to sleep, but she would not wake up, so he let it slide. He knew she was in a deep sleep after exhausting herself, and it was impossible to wake her up. Since that was the case, he had no choice but to let her sleep.

He pushed her hair out of the way so she could breathe easier, then he got back up and rummaged through her wardrobe until he came across some clothes that fitted him. He tiptoed out of the bedroom and headed to the bathroom. Toby was drying his head with a towel when he came out, and he made a call.

It went through in a moment. “How can I help you, Mr. Fuller?” Tom said, sounding lethargic and a little bitter.

Of course he was bitter. It was nearing the festival, and everyone in the company was working overtime to get things done, but Toby skipped out on work instead. Tom knew the reason for that, and he could understand why, but he thought it was unfair to take on so much of the work. He ran around the company the whole day without even resting, and his mind was about to explode.

Toby ignored the bitterness in his voice. He said, “Come to Bayside Residence after work and get the car’s interior washed.”

“Huh?” Tom was flabbergasted. “Get the interior washed?”


“But it was only washed two days ago.” Tom was confused. Toby was a germaphobe, and he would wash his regular car’s interiors once every week. It was a deep clean as well. It’s only been two days, and Mr. Fuller wants it cleaned again? Odd. “Did you get it dirty, Mr. Fuller?” Tom asked curiously.

Toby’s face fell, and he pursed his lips. “No. Just do as I say and ask no questions!”

Tom scratched his nose awkwardly. “Alright, Mr. Fuller. I understand. I’ll take the car to the shop after work.”

Toby grunted. “And take the spare key with you. Don’t come upstairs.” He sounded like he did not want to be disturbed.

“Of course, Mr. Fuller,” Tom replied. He sounded like he was smiling, but the man was rolling his eyes in silence. You don’t want me to go upstairs? Well, I don’t want to go anyway. I’m not stupid. I’m not going to watch you guys make out.

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