This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 890

Chapter 890 Don’t Call Me Baby

They were great, as expected. Sonia gave Toby a thumbs up as praise.

Toby smiled. “Have some more then.” He filled her bowl with all kinds of food, and when he was done, the food in her bowl looked like a small mountain. Even so, Toby did not show any signs of stopping. It was like he was having fun filling her bowl with food.

Sonia held his hand before he could continue, and she shook her head. “Stop it. Are you trying to fatten me up?”

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Toby looked at her bowl and realized that he had gone a bit too far. He put his fork down sheepishly and coughed. “Sorry. I’ll stop now. Dig in.”

Sonia let his hand go and went back to dinner. Halfway through, she remembered something, and she stopped chewing for a moment. Wait, wasn’t I going to bite him as payback for exhausting me and making me fall? Why haven’t I done that yet?

Sonia looked at the food before her as she fell into her thoughts. In the end, she chalked it up to him being too good at cheering her up. Fine. Since he made dinner for me, I’ll let it slide. Sonia tossed her annoyance out the window and kept eating. Hey, I’m not easily bought. I’m just too kind to bite someone. Yep, that’s it. I’m just too kind. Sonia nodded.

Toby looked at her and squinted. He extended his hand and patted her head. I wonder what she’s thinking about.

The head pat came all of a sudden, and Sonia shot him an angry glare. “What are you doing?”

Toby smiled. “Nothing. Your head is just too cute, so I couldn’t hold back.”

Sonia was not happy at all. In fact, she felt terrified. Her lips twitched, and she nudged her chair back to put some distance between her and Toby. He’s patting my head because he finds it cute? What are you going to do next? Tear my head off because it’s cute?

Toby noticed her moving backward, and he blinked in confusion. “What’s wrong?” Why did she move backward?

Sonia would not tell him that she misinterpreted what he said. She popped a piece of meat into her mouth and shook her head. “It’s nothing. I wasn’t feeling too comfortable sitting at that angle, so I moved.”

Toby nodded, but he said nothing. He did the dishes after dinner, and Sonia did not refuse, seeing as he was so adamant. She lay on the couch to recuperate. There was no reason not to let him do it, as he was so eager. She stretched her arms out, but just then, her phone rang.

The vibration was making her leg numb, and she took it out from her pocket. Charles had sent her a text. It’s late. Why is he texting me? Did something happen? Sonia quickly sat up and clicked into the text. The message read, ‘Sonia, Mom asked me if you’re free tomorrow. She wants you and Fuller over for dinner.’

Sonia smacked her forehead. I totally forgot about this. Charles did tell her that his mother knew she had gotten back together with Toby, and she wanted her to bring Toby over for dinner. She had agreed to it and even said she could make it in two days, but things happened, and she failed to fulfill her promise.

Mrs. Lane was understanding, however. She said Sonia could go after she was done with work, but Sonia forgot all about it after she was done with work. She had not told Toby about it either. If it were not for Charles, Sonia would have forgotten all about it. Tomorrow, huh?

Sonia recalled her itinerary for the next day. She did not have much to do, so she could go, but she was not sure if Toby had the same luxury. Sonia put her phone down and turned around. She knelt on the couch, holding the back of it with her hands. “Toby!” she called out in the direction of the kitchen.

Toby was cleaning up the kitchen at the moment. He was wearing an apron, and his sleeves were rolled up. The man was wiping the counter with a cloth, and it looked like he was used to it. He looked just like a househusband who was used to doing chores. If Tom was here, he would probably cry seeing his employer doing chores like a househusband. Toby, however, was used to this, and he seemed happy doing it.

When Sonia called him, he quickly tossed the cloth away and washed his hands, then he took his apron off before going over to Sonia. “What is it?” He came to the living quarters and looked at Sonia.

Sonia waved her phone. “Charles texted me. He wants to know if we’re free to go over to his place for dinner tomorrow.”

“At his house?” Toby frowned. He did not understand why Charles wanted them over. There’s no way Charles sent that invitation. He would only invite Little Leaf, not me. Someone else must have sent the invite. He thought about Charles’ folks and arched his eyebrow. “Did his mother invite us?”

“How did you know?” She looked at him, shocked. Wow, he’s smart. He can guess a lot of things just from one clue. No wonder the company has grown so much under him. He’s smart, so of course it’ll grow.

Toby noticed the astonishment in her eyes, and he chuckled. “Easy. Charles hates me, so he wouldn’t invite me to his place. There’s only him and his parents there, so only his parents would invite me for dinner. His father’s a man, so he won’t ask us over for no reason. The only one who would do that is his mother.”

“Nice deduction.” Sonia gave him another thumbs up. “If you weren’t a part of the Fullers, you would probably be a detective or police officer by now.”

Toby sat down and held the back of her head, then he kissed her forehead. “I’m flattered, baby.”

Sonia felt a chill run down her spine from being called that. She rubbed her arm, and her face was red. She shot him an awkward but embarrassed glare. “Don’t call me baby. It sounds so icky.”

She was twenty-seven, not seven, and she was not a girl who was in the early days of a relationship. She did not need her boyfriend to call her ‘baby’. It was hard to get used to, and it sounded like she was trying to act like a teen girl when she was almost thirty years old. Wait. Where did he learn that? He doesn’t look like the kind of guy who would say that. Despite her disbelief, Toby did say that, and he sounded so s**y when he did it, she felt really flattered in spite of how embarrassed she was.

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